Monday, 16 August 2010

AQUARIUS & the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun ~ Evolution of the MIND ~

Aquarius ~ Aquarius Rising
3nd Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries (retrograding into 2nd)
6th Solar house Moon in Cancer
9th Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August 2010)
12th Solar house Pluto in Capricorn

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“Change is the only constant” is the clarion call for Aquarius, the progressive sign of innovation and universality. With your ruling planet, eccentric Uranus, in the solar 3rd house of communicating data, and digesting said information before releasing it again, the way you’ll be fast changing is through the media, mind-science and neighbourhood networking.  Understanding the nuts and bolts of how the mind works, from reward to threat, providing the tools you need to create the altruistic humanitarian state you idealise. Knowing how the mind works helps you to comprehend your own motivating desires and aversion, as well as appreciate how everyone’s mind has the propensity to hop about doing all kinds of acrobatic mental machination; this is also an aid for being more forgiving when working with others.

With both expansive Jupiter and co-operative Uranus in the 3rd house of diversity, Aquarians need to freely exchange a variety of ideas and thoughts; while having Saturn (Venus & Mars) in Libra in the 9th, expansion of consciousness and elevated spirit comes through teaching, learning, and focusing upon philosophical aspirations.  Libra is the sign of partnership; by having this sign activated in the sphere of life’s bigger concepts, relationship becomes a means of communicating heady objectives.

Generally speaking an Aquarian is a ‘people person’, who requires sharing daily life to be on an equal footing - but with Aquarius in charge (only a rare few can compare to Aquarius’ organisational ability!); and this could be the premise that you purport right now.  Yet as the planet of confusion, guilt, and letting go, Neptune, is still retrograde in Aquarius (going forward on Dec 6th 2010), it could therefore be difficult to put purely personal feelings into words. So while certain situations ( may not be moving as fast as you would like, and the inertia makes one feel tired and slow, you could encounter resistance if you try to push ahead at any cost.  Concentrate on presenting yourself clearly. Awareness through controlled breathing and focused thought (even on emptiness) brings about much-needed insight. And while Uranus goes retrograde back into Pisces into your zodiacal bank (finances could be tricky (again)) you’re advised to see the immediate value of spirit. Meditate to stay cool and keep the welfare of others’ in mind

Loving partnerhip will continue be a serious focus for a couple of years with karmic Saturn in your area of liberty and expansion. The very idea of love frees your soul. Dreaming of tenderness and all things beautiful: Romantic affairs may seem like Maya, an illusion lost to some far-away place -  yet so important to reach out to. What may hold you back from achieving your heart’s desire could be the fear of exposing heart and soul to another.  Saturn here says ‘wise up’. (Besides, the Water Bearer is going to need this wisdom when Saturn moves into your solar 10th in 2012). Any disappointment of unmet expectation should be shrugged off leaving a single Aquarian able to appreciate how active human kindness positively illuminates partnerships.  Seeking harmonious relationship is much easier when you’re less emotionally wound-up – Aquarius rules the nervous system. When Uranus returns to Aries in March, you’ll able to communicate even your most profound feelings with your usual consummate ease. The Aquarian already in relationship could make the most of having disciplined Saturn in the sign of balance, peace and harmony, responsibly placing open-hearted love as driving force of the relations, which encourages both partners to be in optimistic moods, serious but amorous.

As this Cardinal Cross can literally nail one down, be careful not disempower anyone in the blame game.  Aquarians tend to come across as extremely self-confident. For those who don’t know you, this can be misinterpreted as bossy and/or intolerant - indeed, unconscious arrogance can mask a multitude of insecurities. Asking for help gains more support during this period, when a little humility goes a long way. Truth and freedom are crucially important to you. Afford others’ the respect they deserve, leaving them at liberty to value your opinion too. Co-operation is the way to co-create.

The heaven’s are behind you in so many ways, Aquarius, urging you to formulate both a spiritual and professional strategy. Formulate a plan if you also want to get ahead at work. Start now, with careful preparation. Make lists, keep notes, study how others do what you’d like to do. Make time for spiritual practice, clean your sacred space regularly, and dedicate the work you do for the benefit other others. Do this for an entire week and Aquarius will have convinced anyone who has a watchful eye upon you (including yourself – from your mind’s eye) how there is no need to worry about your commitment to anything or anyone. With powerful Pluto in your solar 12th for the coming years, spiritual transformation could be deep and secretly dramatic. Even so, with the moon making a monthly aspect of the Cardinal Cross activating your daily routine, practice makes perfect - perfect bliss. When the moon opposes mysterious Pluto with its monthly cycle, activating the area of the subconscious, its worthwhile to note your dream world; any message of the night could reveal pertinent information shedding new light on difficult matters, including legalities. There is much to be said for following your bliss. 

If this means you lunch-out over domestic affairs, or even business, for a couple of days every month during the time of the Spiritual Cross, you will get more than just your housework done for the rest of the month, as there are opportunities indicated that you can enjoy community events that not only help you feel connected but also change your mind on several issues. Being with kindred spirits restores your faith, not only in humanity, but also in yourself, as you appear to have had quite a tough time of it recently, possibly having to cancel long-term plans and make cut-backs all over the place. Take heart Aquarius: Follow your destiny and encourage the light of your Central Spiritual Sun to stream with awareness, from one moment of change to the next.

Heartfelt thanks, as always, to visionary Bill Brouard, Visual Alchemist, & Anya Langmead for the beautiful Buddha & other unknown but much appreciated artists.

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