Friday, 27 December 2013

Dec 27-28th ~> Lama Tzongkhapa & Dakini Day ~ ☼ ♑ ✶ ☽ ♏

☼ ♑ ✶ ☽ ♏
Post Solstice and Xmas, the Solar year comes to a close – as does this current lunation with the deeply insightful and feminine Scorpion Moon making a concluding, harmonious Sextile aspect to the practical Capricorn Sun. These last days of 2013 are therefore particularly yin, inward and reflective. And with both solar and lunar cycles heading for a union at the New Moon starting the Solar Year, January 1st is already marked as a ‘SuperMoon’ with a concealed Plutonic power that aides the process of extraordinary renewal in an almost enforced revitalisation, be it financial, emotional or environmental. The tantrica’s active participation in the transformation of hidden, subtle energies also reveal the intimate secrets of awakening bodhi-mind with an expansion of consciousness: the altruistic awareness karmically responsible, golden and glowing – ready for 2014’s dreams and drama, as well as tending the ordinary with a joyful heart.

So not only does today’s strong and meditative Dakini Day embolden courage,  insight and perception, as the magnetic Goddess conjoins the karmic North Node, but this Moon in Scorpio also hooks into the ongoing trineS between both, expansive Jupiter and shamanic Chiron. Within this healing perspective, searching deeper into and through difficult parts of the heart-mind and psyche, there’s a strengthening sense of fulfilment by clearing the way for a New Year New Moon by letting go of any residue sticky thoughts/feelings/ideas, as 2014 is a year for the heroic Spiritual Warrior to generate bodhicitta, create inner balance and peace, develop personal faith and, with an understanding of the law of karma, becoming even more responsibly aware of the interconnectedness of all life.  

❀ॐ☮☀✥☯ツॐLiGhT&レ❤√E ॐツ☮☀✥☯ॐ❀

Today’s auspicious Dakini Moon also coincides with the day we celebrate the Mahanirvana of Lama Tsong Khapa, Losang Drakpa, the 15th century teacher and founder of the Galugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism, to which His Holiness Dalai Lama belongs.  In this spirit, the artwork by Bernart Amygdalah, is a flower offering to the Red Dakini Goddess and all precious teachers. With LoveLight  __/❤\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸❤✶

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

TARA MOON Xmas & ~> Medicine Buddha pujaS ~ Christmas 13

╔══════════ ══════════╗ 
* HAPPY * C░H░R░ I ░S░T░M░ A░S * 
╚══════════ ══════════╝ 
☼ ♑ ♇ - ☾ ♎ ♂

The last square lunation of 2013 certainly holds a planetary formation that has the potential to generate profound healing when the deeply sensitive last quarter Moon, in balancing Libra, conjuncts dynamic Mars; this combination challenges but encourages peaceful, friendly and loving relations. Looking after those we consider family, as a Mother would her child, requires diplomacy and infinite patience. As Mars opposes awakening Uranus in energetic Aries, surprises are best seen as opportunities to maintain an equanimous mind – especially within the sphere of personal and professional relationshipS.

This Christmas Day connects to a most powerful celestial pattern, one that has been a signature of the past years: ‘The Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’. At the Midheaven-MidEarth axis lies the Sun/Pluto conjunction, initiating through drama and crisis; opposite Jupiter in Cancer, the challenge is to open one’s mind and consider long-term views bearing in mind security and stability (within the spiritual practice, specifically regarding the responsibility of looking after others’ emotional wellbeing, (as part of a Global Family, who all have valid differences). On the horizontal sunrise-sunset axis of This Grand Cardinal Cross is a wild Uranus in Aries, holding the key to this Grand Cross, unlocking an awakening in amazing ways. Altruistic Uranus is exactly opposite the Libra Mars over this Tara Moon Xmas day, suggesting the overcoming obstacles entails a balance of opposites, such as variability and steadiness, prejudice and judgement, materialism and spiritualism. Whilst remaining fully in the present, available to playful spontaneity, this Xmas holds clues as to situations/energies that not only take us into 2014 with a New Year SuperMoon, but as even far ahead as May 2014.

☯ ✡☨ ✞ ✝☥ ☦ ☧ ☩ ☪ ☫ ☬ ☭☯ ✡☨ ✞ ✝☥ ☦ ☧ ☩ ☪ ☫ ☬ ☭

In any encounter, we have a choice: we can strengthen our resentment or our understanding and empathy. We can widen the gap between ourselves and others or lessen it. ~Pema Chödron

During this holyday of the return of the New Light King, we can lessen that gap with the help and wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and develop compassion for all beings, no matter their status, beliefs or religion. ENJOY!

Tara Mantra ~> "Om Tara TuTara Ture Soha" x108_/\_
Happy Holidays everyone! _/\_

_/\_♥ ૐ_/\_♥ ૐ_/\_♥ ૐ_/\_♥ ૐ_/\_♥ ૐ_/\_♥ ૐ

Friday, 20 December 2013

☆•*¨*•.¸¸❤☾ Solstice ☼ Blessings ☽❤¸¸.•*¨*•☆ Dec 21st 2013

The ‘Light of Life’, Spirit Sun, is passing through a heavenly karmic gate that entails a cosmic initiation into ‘group’ consciousness, by entering Capricorn at 15:12GMT, December 21st, marking Winter Solstice in the north, Summer Solstice in the south. When the Sun reaches this turning point in its cycle – as it does twice a year – Great Spirit provides an incentive for us all to peacefully relax in a momentary 3-day 'gap', just like 'the gap' in meditation which happens in-between the ‘out breath’, and before the inhalation of prana with the ‘in breath’, as Sol = 'Sun', and Stittum = 'stoppage' or standing still.

These next three days are a therefore a celestial pause to honour the LoveLight (within), presenting the perfect opportunity to rest in the sacred lotus of the heart-mind and stop, assess, and release past (life) conditioning and (karmic) habits, letting go of pain and negativity, in order to liberate, heal and transform all that no longer serves our Divine purpose. On Christmas day the ‘New Light King is reBorn’ and the Sun starts to change direction once again, inhaling solar energy and bringing Golden Light into the collective consciousness. Take note: when you consciously breathe in positivity and exhale dark thoughts and feelings, you’ll be surprised at how much stronger and confident you will feel, instinctively lighthearted, able to radiate the LoveLight. _/\_

Remember that Goddess of Love, Venus, also begins her retrograde dance in Capricorn making this SOLstice a poingant time for relationships. For this is when the initiation into the light of consciousness becomes personal, learning to love ‘self’ at the same time becoming a world server.

A sensitive Moon now in Sun-ruled Leo also suggests we can now play and have fun, even when elevating consciousness. _/♥\_

So enjoy! ~> Happy Solstice! & Thanks for sharing. Thanks also to unknown artist for beautiful image of Shantideva, 8th century Himalayan Saint, on a Golden Lotus. Shantideva wrote 'The Bodhisattva's Way of Life'; and one of his prayers is also our modern day Bodhisattva, H.H. Dalai Lama's, favourites:

"For as long as space endures, and for as long as living beings remain, until then may I too abide to dispel the misery of the world" - Shantideva's prayer _/♥\_

Pre-Solstice Muse ~> Dec19th 2013

Did you feel a release, or at the very least a tug towards liberation in your heart during and after that full-power center-of-the-galaxy full m00n? So that with a freer Anahata heart-chakra the direction of the heart is clearer ~> ~> towards LOVE.

With dynamic Mars now in Libra for 8 months, peace, love & unity rules in all affairs - as does dialogue and mediation. ☮ Even LOVE Goddess Venus goes retrograde at this Saturday's winter SOLstice, 21st December, when an initiation into self-love begins, and consciousness elevates. In this we have a choice, however, as both Libra and Venus are signs of relationship balance, harmony and decision making. All the while the Solstice Leo Moon will highlight individual power preparing to emerge triumphant, to shine like the Solstice Sun with a return of the New Light King.

Meanwhile, Cancer Moon doubles the emphasis upon home-sweet-home; and a Moon conjunct the cosmic Guru, Jupiter opposite Venus, warns to not go overboard (comfort eating, for example) whilst at the same time appreciating the love, spiritual friends, and good times we already share. ॐ_/♥\_

~H.H. the 17th Karmapa~
" Our own positive qualities can be a rich source of joy for us. Even if we have just one altruistic thought, this is a cause to be deeply happy. We have ample resources for happiness in the bounty of our own mind......."

Monday, 16 December 2013

Galactic Heart ~> The Higher Vibrational Light Source - ☉ ♐ ~ ☼ ~ ♊ ◯

Tonight/Tomorrow’s full Gemini Moon at 9:28GMT spotlights the most brilliant and powerful vortex at the heart of our Galaxy. With the illuminating Sun at 26Sagittarius, the Gemini Moon reflects the high vibrational light of our Sun conjunct the Galactic Centre, opening a super-sensitive portal for the conscious heart-mind to connect to our cosmic core, bathe in its luminosity, and allow it to permeate our being to radiate pure unadulterated cosmic LoveLight.

How one connects with the flow of this Divine Light of Consciousness spiraling through time and space, will very much depend upon what, exactly, we feed our heart-mind, as the focus of this Full Moon is upon wisdom, communication, and truth (relative & ultimate). If we live in constant fear, obsession or jealously, then negativity obscures the real truth of one's light-filled Buddha nature. Whereas nurturing the mind with positive thoughts and intentions means we are more likely to freely generate love, joy, kindness, empathy, compassion, humility and peace.

Bear in mind that both Sun/Galactic Centre and the Moon are in hard aspect to a very active Mars in harmonious Libra (and will continue to be so into 2014); so finding one’s balance during this Full Moon through (and into the New Year’s Eve SuperMoon) a ‘grounding’ meditation will encourage a release of both, past (life) information/habits/thoughts, as well as encourage enlightening visions of the future, which is why it is so important to find joy and bliss in present equanimity. Even if there is conflict with ever-changing direction (of the monkey mind), we can remain in authentic presence by watching the breath to create the equanimous heart-mind, and align with the wisdom mind's higher vibrational light source. _/♥\_

One last note is how Uranus, the awakening planet, is going forward today, after a long retrograde sojourn. Uranus in Aries impels a heightened state of individual awareness within group situations. Look to 8Aries in your horoscope and see where your personal altruistic heroism can be found.

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts; to believe in the heroic makes heroes.” -Benjamin Disraeli

Galactic Full Moon Blessings of LoveLight & Happiness to everyone

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Guru Rinpoche Day ~> 12th December ~> ☼ △☽ + ♃ △ ♄

Today's ‘Guru Rinpoche’ day is for feasting and celebrating the spiritual teacher (within). The Spirit of the Sacred Guru is embodied in the far-sighted, truth-seeking, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarian Sun on Jupiter’s day (Thursday); and with the Sun in this position, making a strong aspect to the Moon on this 10th day of the lunar cycle, it symbolises a triple dose of optimism, philosophical wisdom and strength – and therefore a great time to honour the intuitive Guru of the fire element, light offerings, prayer and puja.

Hold onto inner fortitude and know that the spiritual freedom found by grasping the meaning of the teachings - loving kindness, compassion, and mindfulness – are corner stones of stability, especially when the winds of change begin to flow towards the light at the centre of the Galaxy, at the same time as the Full Gemini Moon, in 5 days.

The Cosmic Guru, Jupiter, is also in the promised good aspect to karmic Saturn today (as per previous post): enhancing a positive relationship with spiritual friends and guides. Jupiter and Saturn also provide emotional insight into the deeper recesses of psyche, teaching there is nothing to fear, only situations/events/feelings which are to be understood.

Guru Rinpoche Mantra to overcome obstacles : ~>

With Love & thanks to Bernart Amygdala for his Cosmic Vajra _/♥\_

Sunday, 8 December 2013

1st Quarter Medicine Buddha Moon _/\_Sun in Sagittarius ☉ ♐ ~ ☽ ♓ Moon in Pisces Dec 8- 9-10 ~ 2013

1st Quarter Medicine Buddha Moon _/\_
Sun in Sagittarius ☉ ♐ ~ ☽ ♓ Moon in Pisces ~> This health-giving combination of the growing ‘Lights’ develops faith, hope and charity, and is fluid and changeable. Emphasising deep emotional intelligence, this sensitive First Quarter Moon in square to Spirit Sun provides the ability to open the mind and follow psychic threads through the astral-morphic field by intuitively sensing oceanic connectivity and feelings of oneness and bliss. At the same time as expanding consciousness through creative visualisation, the Sagittarius Sun embraces the bigger picture through academic comprehension, understanding how the mind-body-spirit pathway is inextricably linked, especially when it comes to healing.

Research has shown how visualisation and mindfulness affect the body on a molecular level; with positive thoughts reducing stress on the heart-mind. Now the generous and unconditionally compassionate amalgamation of Sagittarius and Pisces encourage the happy heart and healthy morale that contributes to healing self, as well as others, by knowing that the circle of compassion is to include all beings with love and devotion.

This meditative Pisces Moon also forms a beautiful 'Grand Water Trine' between the Sagittarius ruler, Jupiter (which is also the traditional ruler of Pisces, hence the double-battery positivity with this combination of Lights), now in Cancer, and Saturn in Scorpio. Those who have 16-20 degree water sign planets could ‘feel’ an extra boosts of benefits this week. Also, think back to last July to see how much a certain idea/relationship/project has grown and stabilised; then give yourself until May 2014 to reach a conclusion. ॐ_/♥\_

With love & thanks for sharing and to unknown artist for wonderful cosmic chakra Merkhaba meditation ॐ_/♥\_

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Spiritual Warrior brings balance to self & others with Mars in Libra ♂ ♎

The dynamic planet of action, fiery Mars, is now at the very last ‘anaretic’ 29 degree of Virgo, meaning the zodiac’s warrior is about to leave the sign of health, work and routine, and change signs and move into Libra, the sign of the balancing scales. Mars in Libra is considered a tough placement for the martial planet, as Libra is the sign of love, harmony and peace – seeking the line of least resistance, where everyone’s needs get met; whereas competitive Mars generally prefers to build empires or fight trials with gung-ho might and strength. Mars in Libra, however, is in the sign where Love Goddess Venus is at home, and is where the heroic Spiritual Warrior learns to disarm, to mediate and to defend, protect and act in the name of amity, justice and LOVE. 

Take note: this is no ordinary passage through Libra, as Mars usually spends just over a month in a sign; but this lesson in learning Love and ahimsa, non-violence at all costs, is no less than 8 months long, as Mars will go retrograde at the beginning of March 2014, as 27 Libra, and go all the way back to 9 Libra on May the 20th, when the scarlet planet turns direct; this planetary dynamo finally leaves Libra July 26th 2014.  
Those born in the 50’s may feel the need to passionately defend ideals and dreams; Those both 1968-75 could shield peers and teams with greater enthusiasm; while those born in 1982-83 could well question the balance of power in love and law, without becoming embroiled in psychological or political games.  Ultimately, Mars in Libra is about learning to balance the heart-mind in a gentle and loving manner.

In the words of Sitting Bull, “Warriors are not what you think of as warriors.  The warrior is not someone who fights, because none has the right to take another’s life. The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others.

His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, those who cannot provide for themselves, and above all, the children, the future of humanity”
With love & thanks to the unknown artist for the image of Yogi in Warrior pose, & thanks also for sharing.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Venus & the Moon ~> ♀ ☽ ♑ Venus Rx - December 2013

The Queen of the Heavens & Moon Goddess conjoin today, 5th December, in Capricorn: This is a practical combination for relationships - while most everyone could feel the need for some kind of constancy and/or stability at home, at work, or even in the mind. In esoteric astrology, Venus is the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, teaching that what we strive for is best served for the whole – not just for personal gain or ambition: In the sign of the Sea-Goat, Love Goddess Venus reveals how to love our work and work at love as both, love & work, demand steadfast responsibility and commitment to benefit others, with personal discipline and patience.

From the astronomical point of view, Venus is now the brightest light in the Western sky, to the left of a slither of silver light from a growing Moon. As the Moon moves quickly, growing into full on the 17th December, the now brilliant and seductive Night Star, Venus, is slowing, as the Goddess of LOVE is about to enter her retrograde dance at Solstice (Yule) 21st December. This means Venus will become hidden from Earth's view, going deep into the underworld - to learn the difference between desire and love - before emerging as a morning star January the 11th, regaining forward motion at CandleMas (Imbolc) Feb 1st. By Valentine’s Day 2014, the Love Goddess will be shining at her best as 'The Light Bearer', a rosy Morning Star. __/\__ ☼☆•*¨*•.¸¸ ☆

Cast your mind back to Jan-Feb 2006, this is the last time Venus was retrograde in Capricorn, and see how this ☆ five-pointed star dance ☆ of the Love Goddess might unfold in your own life. (Venus has made 5 retrogrades (20 months apart over 8 years) to form a celestial pentagram since 2006).

With Love and thanks to unknown artist for Purple 5-Star Mandala ☆

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sun & Moon in Sagittarius 2nd/3rd Dec ☼ ☄☽♐ 2013

The New Moon in the sign of the Archer sets sights firmly upon success. The target or honours being sought may be of the material world, or spiritual acumen and/or the revelation of truth and freedom. No matter how big or small our ambitions, this adventurous, forward-looking Sagittarius New Moon at 00:22UT (19:22EST) provides strength to keep spirits high and hold course with any insight we may have when envisioning the future, as though the sky is the limit. But bear in mind that when fiery SoL and Luna are at this particular 10 degrees Sagittarius it also heighten the risk factor when aiming high, so it’s good to keep morals intact and issues/ambitions/relations in perspective, as 'The Lights’ now conjunct a Royal Star, Antares. Be aware that while this star blazes brightly, there’s a shadowy martial side when hurried enthusiasm or reckless ruthlessness has the potential to lose all in what ostensibly may still only be a game of chance.

Being inspired at the start of this lunation means it easier to seek out alternatives, and make the most of opportunities with dramatic, non-conformist changes in the first half of the cycle, with a waxing Moon, which takes us up to the 17th December Full Moon in Gemini - a magical Moon that opens a heavenly portal straight to the centre of the Galaxy. After which, Love Goddess Venus retreats and encourages a fondness of tradition (and whatever we are working on) by going retrograde at Solstice, making it a cosy Yule with a surprising Xmas twist that could grip us all the way to New Year’s Eve, when a SuperMoon kickstarts 2014.

Of course, from the Buddhist point of view there is no time like the present. Past and future are only concepts, so all we really have is the power of now, as the light-radiating gateway to spiritual awakening. And so it is in the afterglow of ISON's cosmic dust that the brilliant and wise Sagittarius Sun invites us to now shine-on and discover that single-point-in-times' liberating experience. _/♥\_ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✶

With LOVE & thanks to unknown artist for fiery image of Chenrezig, Lord of compassion_/♥\_