Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2010 New Year ~ Blue Moon ~ Pyramid Power

Leaving the noughties behind (*sigh of relief*) we welcome a new decade in the light of a powerful Blue Super Moon, which is not only in partial eclipse, but this triple whammy Cancerian Moon is also closest to the Earth, and our Earth is closest to the Capricorn Sun. It is a rare and tight celestial embrace between the Divine Cosmic lovers, Sun & Moon, aligning with our human Earth Spirit, inviting an intense but short-lived moment of magically merging tidal energies: Male with female, yin and yang, gold with silver, positive and negative, right brain - left brain, consciousness and the unconscious fusing together to create the potential to go beyond the normal confines of duality, into blissful Oneness. Within this sense of unity we can untie the knots in our heart mind and invoke the high vibration of pure awareness – not only to see things for what they really are, but psychically sense and feel deeply, all the while resting in objectivity, reflecting the celestial dynamic without attachement or aversion.

Karma is always magnified when the tremendous force of the dragon's head and dragon's tail are activated x 10,000; and with this lunar eclipse we have the possibility to work with incredible pyramid power (Sun-Moon-Earth; Mercury-Capricorn-Humanity; triple Aquarian Conjunction of Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter) to create strong foundations and release a potent positive intention of unconditional love into the collective atmosphere - the noosphere - a sphere of united and evolutionary human thought.

To make the most of these few hours either side of the eclipse (exact time of the Full Moon is on the evening of the 31st, at 19:13 GMT), be aware these are enchanting moonbeams, even if covered by cloud. Protection is as important as being open. Yet if there was ever a New Year to make resolutions that can work, this is it, as ‘The Lights’ illuminate any intention you make. Over the next day consider carefully this year’s goals and objectives, and then ring in the New Year by inviting Full Moon insight and mirror-like wisdom for 2010. To complete any aim or purpose, personal advantage is enhanced by working for the benefit of others. And if you’re up for seeing the bigger picture, set a positive intention for the coming decade!
Bear in mind this coming year’s stars are multifarious, challenging and complex, reflective of the many choices and changes we all encounter. We are now also in a Mercury retrograde period (until January 15th) (and Mars Rx until Spring). As usual, when Mercury is retro, we are advised to re-read legal documents and fine print at least three times before signing on anything big, like getting a loan, buying a house or setting up a business. This particular Mercury is in the same sign as the Sun, initiating and deliberate Capricorn, denoting solid framework to the formation and concretising of intuitive ideas that also combine a rational approach, a modus operando that is personally effective, as well as on a humanitarian level.
Mercury in Capricon says there may be a mountain of karma holding down or suppressing evolution and creating resistance. This could be internal, as in our own mind creates thoughts that hold us back, or external, as having to deal with a recalcitrant authority, for example. With Mercury in apparent backward motion, now is the time for quick thinking, to bring about a new vision and change in our perception that swiftly releases us from mental bondage. Taming the mind is therefore central and crucial to finding the freedom of new experiences, as well as bringing difficult and destructive experiences to a close. With planning and effort, the results of intelligent problem solving could bring movement in a positive direction at soon as the new moon on the 15th January. And by the time of the metal White Tiger Tibetan & Chinese New Year, on the 14th February, Valentine’s Day, much of what is currently being re-worked could be close to some kind a resolution.
As mentioned, the heavens are decidedly Byzantine this year, dominated by a rarely protracted phenomenon called ‘the Cardinal Grand Cross’ involving Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. If you are one of these signs, the inclination to act and create, participate and initiate is strong. This dramatic cross formation will be around for most of the year. While many astrologers are saying that these are the trickiest transits we have seen for a long time, we must make an effort to maintain the quest for liberation and generate the cosmic love vibration, not falling into the negatively controlling fear trap. The hot cosmic tip is to become mindful of one’s own place in relation to fellow beings, and to exhibit harmony and balance wherever and whenever possible, and accent the importance of peace. Influential Saturn is in peace-seeking Libra: If we are to have peace in the world, we must find peace within our selves. Admittedly this may be easier said than done, but there are breathing techniques that can quickly create this calm mind (and advance intelligence): by watching and observing the breath just for only ten minutes a day, it can be enough to generate the peace of mind one needs to effectively deal with everyday demands (of course, sit in longer meditation if so inclined!). One last astral snippet: a financial turning point towards the end of May brings slow but sure improvement all around. Good luck! May your New Year Stars twinkle with Love and Light!
Pic credit: Francine Hart

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Winter Solstice 09 ~ 'Smile, breathe, slow down' Mars Rx

The magic of Winter Solstice lies in Yule log fires and mistletoe kisses, as the new light of the Sun King, symbolic of our divine and radiant life-giving Spirit, is rekindled to once again illuminate these dark northern skies. At this turning point in the southern hemisphere days begin to shorten, and the emphasis rests upon inner-reflection.

This 2009 Solstice is also very special – not just because it’s the end of one decidedly ‘interesting’ decade and the beginning of another with equal amount of dramatic promise – but several astrological factors suggest momentous transformation and spiritual evolution is compelling. It is the first Solstice Sun to be conjunct the potent outer planet Pluto in 248 years. This beam of Solstice sunlight into the shadowy realms of Pluto suggests we need to look further and discover hidden resources that will rejuvenate power and energise in the future.

We also approach the close of a long drawn transition which started in 1985, when Winter Solstice began to align with the Galactic Centre, and a ‘New Age of Enlightenment’ dawned, which was initially felt by the sensitive. This alignment was exact in 1998, and ends in 2012. Sorry to disappoint those who think it’s only 2012 when we direct our gaze upon our home spiral’s hub, at the same time as the light of the Winter Solstice sun begins to grow: we’ve been doing just that for over twenty years! That said spiritual evolution can happen in an instant, or as the fruit of years of practice.

And so it is with the last of three meetings, Jupiter, as celestial Santa Claus, with mystical Neptune, ruler of oceanic feelings and the collective undercurrent, that we wave goodbye to the year’s darkest hours. The highest vibration of these two energies (three, if we include Chiron, who is technically in the conjunction, but not exact) is an expansion (and healing) of humanity’s spiritual faith.

In the wake of COP15, the mood of the moment sees many lost in Samsara’s choppy Neptunian sea, unable to accept the change we seek comes from within each and every one of us. Our expectations may have been high, as symbolised by Jupiter in Aquarius, but giving up the game is not the same as surrendering to Neptune. As a transpersonal planet, Neptune often demands a sacrifice of some kind that urges us to let go of selfish tendency and go beyond personal desire; when we ‘give in’ to this higher vibration by showing compassion to our self and others, we surrender self-interest in the name of collective cosmic harmony and begin to generate Bodhicitta, the heart essence that emanates unconditional love.

With a Solstice Moon growing in light, right alongside the Triple Aquarian conjunction, we, the people (the moon is the populace in political astrology), are also illuminated: If we want humanity to progress, we must protect nature and all planetary elements, starting with water purification to initially help heal the current toxic overload, that manifests physically, mentally, psychically and spiritually.

Together, in our solstice meditation (Monday December 21st, 17:48 GMT), we can become a powerful force for altruistic intention, and lighten each other’s spirit, in spite of the enormity of the task which lies ahead. For the first part of the next year, Jupiter will be in Pisces, the changeable water sign, making it an opportune moment to act. Yet there is a major indication that we need to revise how we are going to act.

Posted all over London underground is a portrait of Ghandi, on a bright orange background with the words “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” Being a peacenik, (as well as once having been Ghandi in a facebook past-life quiz!) the copy caught my eye, enough to make me slow down and think about how fast-paced dynamic action is extolled as a virtue in the rushed hustle bustle of our modern society. From an astrological point of view such characteristics belong to the warrior planet Mars, otherwise known as the Sun’s henchman, the ego’s or our self-image’s best supporter.

Celestially speaking when we have the urge, impulse or need to make things happen, forceful Mars steps in to act as subordinate or competitive adversary, a rival or defender of the faith; like a bouncer at the hottest Christmas party Mars is portrayed as highly spirited – if a little hasty, clumsy and headstrong; it’s all too easy to get riled-up around such zippy Martial momentum. According to Sogyal Rinpoche (Tibetan Book of Living & Dying), “Speed IS aggression” (this should be a bumper sticker!). Yet much depends upon how speed is used and in what context. Quickly aiding someone suffering with a heart condition from one too many xmas toddies has a different sense of urgency than driving along a spacious southern French road, where even a 70-year-old speed-freak Santa can pugnaciously goad and overtake everyone in sight; in the later case it makes one wonder at the kind of personal perception we have about our skills, especially when spurred by thrill-seeking hurried power.

Yet the real point of Mars is to guard our Spirit, so we can enjoy participating in life with a light-heart, without getting hooked into endless angry dramas about the rate of success or failure and, at the same time, be generous enough to rejoice in other people’s triumphs; which is just what we may find ourselves doing while Mars begins a backward trail through the creative sign of Leo from a transformational Solstice point on 21st December.

Whenever a planet puts on the breaks, lingers at station and then goes retrograde, we also slow down and revisit that part of our lives indicated by the astrological planet, sign and house in our horoscope. And because Mars is concerned with action it presents the perfect occasion to practice patience, particularly with our own self or ego, and take time – approximately three months – to rework and re-do aspects of our life we identify as ‘inspired’. Bear in mind how Leo is ruled by the Sun, the central core of the solar system, bringing light and warmth to the lion-hearted Leo’s sphere of love, generosity, artistic fun and creation - including children and parties. And as Leo Mars goes retro, just as the Sun begins to grow in light in the northern hemisphere, the challenge over the next few months is to make the most of opportunities that fully engage with the practice of ACTIVE LOVE, especially for oneself and those we care for, and to do so in style! So be brave like the majestic lion – open your heart and you will begin to notice that by the time Mars begins to go forward (just before the Spring Equinox) a smile here, a kind word there, and allowing yourself to be courteous and gentle towards others works wonders, not only for your own benefit but for everybody else’s interests as well. On that note, I wish you a very Happy Winter Solstice – Blessed Be with LOVE & radiant Solstice SunLIGHT.

Yin Yang illustration by ; Ghandi by edmittance; Xmas Cats by me; Heart Sun by Stryde31; Tibetan Lion by Tony Annionos

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Path of a Mindful Heart ~ 1st Full Moon Dec 09

Would you travel to the ends of the earth in pursuit of blissful love?
Of course you would. You may think that a ridiculous question; but would you undertake the journey to the centre of the heart if it involved risk and possible danger? Hm, perhaps not so many hands go up. Therein a fundamental human problem lies; when we seek pleasure and gratification outside of ourselves, happiness often eludes and we end up suffering. Because the Sun is now in arrow-shooting, wisdom-inducing Sagittarius, it might be easier to pierce through delusion, and take on board the reality that the beauty of love actually radiates from within. All too easily we can ignore such a basic truth and search for solace from something or someone else: going for a new relationship, new restaurant, car, or job promotion we think will validate our need to be cherished – albeit temporarily.

From the onset of looking beyond our own heart-mind for the love and affection, passion or adoration we seek, we instantly set ourselves up for hacking through tough terrain. So often we meet resistance, or have to change tack too much, too fast – then if things don’t go our way we feel too timid, with a perceived lack of physical, mental or spiritual strength. Sometimes we confuse unquenchable desire with the human hunger for experience and the need to achieve, create and explore; even becoming resentful of those who dare go beyond ordinary confines – then we inadvertently protect and pretend to be content within our small lives – and continue to seethe inside from frustration, anger or resentment – but detached from our true loving nature.

Yet now is an excellent time to discover our glowing inner-essence and actively raise bodhicitta: Dynamic Mars is in fiery brave Leo, roaring as loud as it can to encourage us to become spiritual warriors, who know that to project obsession is not the path of heart, for that is the way of the power-hungry ego whose puffed-up sense of self is burdened by an attachment to a preferred outcome – sometimes holding on so tightly to an idea of ‘what could be’ that we encounter that most serious hazard: the danger of destroying the very thing we wish for. Yet the journey to fulfilment is only perilous should we fail to rest assured in the safety of our own most precious beating heart - a generous heart that generates love and compassion, and commits random acts of kindness.

I mention all this now as Wednesday’s upcoming Full Gemini Moon encourages us to keep the faith and watch the way our mind wanders. The planets now want us to think BIG and be open to opportunities which allow situations to develop with trusting, honest and caring communication. Electrical Uranus, group orientated symbol of sudden change which often brings mindful awareness is also now going direct after five months retrograde - just in time for the Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen, which begins during a closing phase of the moon and ends with a new moon phase, suggesting modern measures will be put into place. Just how far we go in protecting the environment or necessary job creation, using available sustainable energies, will depend upon how visionary and willing to come from the healing heart those in authority are. There is hope here (believe it or not) to do the right thing: Challenging centralizing change, our life-giving force, the Sun, is in square to the ongoing Saturn Uranus opposition, as Uranus goes forward. This Saturn Uranus transit is one of our times’ most important, spanning almost two years; thirteen months in with another eight to go. So we are coming the end of the middle phase (April is next and July the last); Saturn is now also exalted in Libra, promoting fairness in the midst of chaos. The Uranian altruistic and high vibration suggests personal responsibility towards others verses group awareness; finding strength with others’ of like mind can advance the global spirit towards peaceful unity.

There is a sense that if things don’t work out the way we planned, it can be with joyful Sagittarian enthusiasm we can at least be philosophical and, with breadth of vision, see what we personally need to learn in the process of becoming and being the best that we can, collectively as well as personally. The Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve can reveal that love conquers all.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Transform collective karma by co-creating loving kindness ~ New Scorpio Moon + Saturn square Pluto 09

Like the heavens, nature also mirrors thoughts, feelings and events we encounter in our lives. So while we (in the northern hemisphere) enter late autumn watching the trees develop into stark skeletons as dark nights draw in, the call of a friendly fireside could remind us of cyclic existence and how all things must die in order to be reborn; and how any kind of death leads to the promise of rebirth and regeneration, be it figurative or real, the meditation is upon impermanence.

Tomorrow’s new Scorpio moon is with Ceres and Venus, helping us to take a kindly look at all kinds of various subjects we’d normally consider taboo. With Scorpio’s heightened perception, no matter how much we might want to sugar coat situations, the reality check is that when we look through and past the bombardment of superficiality, we could now see how a price must be paid before witnessing signs of new growth. As harsh as that may be, we seem to have reached a crisis point in so many areas, personal and environmental. Pluto ruled Scorpion’s may have already sensed the urgent need for regeneration and consolidation, especially in light of the now tight aspect between stabilising Saturn squaring up to Pluto, planet of restoration.

To now stylishly trim and make cut-backs in any sphere of life prone to straggling loose ends would be a smart move, to avoid being tripped-up later on. When taking what might initially seem like harsh measures, remember we are only clearing the ground for something to grow far stronger and more beautiful. Being brave enough to throw out the dross and preserve that which has profound meaning ensures lasting value. The nerve to release and let go of negative or mistrustful thoughts, situations and people, comes from deep within; once tapped, a forever open power supply flows from a previously hidden resource activates a courageous and deeply sexy heart.

Saturn in Libra now getting up-close and personal with Pluto in Capricorn suggests important and intimate relationships also benefit from a long hard look at how to create positive restitution. Balance and fairness is called for, not only in business partnerships, love affairs, relationship to authority, finances or even looks, but also how we invest time and effort with those we love. The apparent collective techno-mania, as symbolised by the triple Aquarian conjunction, so easily sucks away people’s enthusiasm and quality time for the real world. Are we in danger of turning into egotistical robots while relationships and/or health suffer?

Yet we are only human, each with our own human weakness that, with awareness, we can slowly but surely awaken the heart and rid ourselves of our personal foibles. What transpires over the coming eight months while these two planetary heavyweights are in this last closing square (from a cycle begun in 1982, to close again in 2020) will depend upon how much we really care for ourselves and for each other, and how we are able to make love the overriding principle and stop fear from being the active condition.

There is a sense of urgency as the outer planets muster to create a powerful force of change in 2010, when having a brave heart to foster and cherish all we hold dear will stand us in victorious stead for the year ahead. This means sensitively looking after oneself, friends and family, our community, and ultimately, mother Earth. The time for renewal is now, for the return of growth to be so much more serene.

One last note; yesterday, from a Tibetan Buddhist connection, I received a list of pointers on how to generate powerful karma. Saturn, lord of Karma, is now in Libra, the sign of peaceful relations: the Karma of Love becomes evermore pertinent, and the way of the heart more realistic. And as Saturn recently extended its sphere of influence with a brand new super ring, with a certain discipline everyone can learn how to avoid the drama and crisis that Pluto in Capricorn might use as tools of control.

What I really liked about this page is how the points are practical and achievable. Here is the link: Enjoy!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Lhabab Düchen ~ 11-11-11 ~ Buddha returns from the 33

Monday is a multiplied karma day; when the effect and merit of actions, thoughts and words are multiplied by 100,000,000! So best be mindful throughout the day, or at least try (as in my case!). Lhabab Duchen is one of the four most important days in the Buddhist calendar. The 15th day of the 9th Tibetan month sees the celebration of Buddha’s return to earth after three months and seven days of dharma teaching to his mother in the realm of the 33, the sphere of the Deva’s. (Mystic numerologists will be interested to see this festival of the 33 is in the week of 11-11-11, adds up to 33!)

By all accounts Buddha left Earth and entered Deva Heaven at the age of 41. Astrologers will note a classic mid-life point of dramatic change, as shown by the transiting planet of change, Uranus, in opposition the natal Uranus, due to its’ 84-year cycle. Almost everyone goes through a powerful awakening around the age of 40-42 (with the possible exception of a triple Taurean – only kidding: Buddha was Taurus). Breaking off from someone or something or bringing something to completion that allows the individual to move towards creating a second part of life in order to fulfil some kind of dream or ambition is common at this time of life. For the Buddha it was an act of repaying the kindness to his mother for bringing him into this world. That Buddha had such a mid-life turning point (not exactly the same as the crisis we lesser mortals may create) makes the teachings all the more human.

From the bliss realms Buddha returned to Earth via a triple ladder, which was made by Vishvakarma, the Hindu god of architecture and machines. Built from gold, crystal and lapis lazuli, the triple ladder stretched all the way from Mount Meru. At the appointed hour (on the last quarter moon) on the right-hand golden ladder appeared the all-powerful, all-seeing Bramha, with the fine form deities; on the left-hand crystal ladder came dorje wielding Indra, with the Lords of the sensual worlds; while Buddha descended via the central lapis lazuli ladder, representing the middle path and an intimate relation with the realms of meditation, infinite space and infinite consciousness; thus bringing heaven to earth and illustrating how to overcome the duality of form and formless, nothing and everything.

The festival is celebrated this year while the Sun is in Scorpio, signalling renewal, if not of faith then perhaps strength, and in a tight ’T’ to the almost infamous triple (that word again!) Aquarian conjunction in exact square to the Moon in Leo, now conjunct warrior Mars. The ego-war is on: the natives are restless in the healing quest for divine liberation!

By next weekend we have Saturn in Libra finally making the square to Pluto. Unless one remains resolute it could be all too easy to slip into the all-controlling unseen fear vibration. Transforming suffering into happiness might not seem positive to some on the surface, but in my humble opinion is the only way to deal with such heavy aspects, and respond with the renewal of two of the most important aspects of being: heart and psyche (more on that later).

But first some technical info: This square is part of a greater cycle that began in 1982, when Saturn was also exalted in Libra; and it ends in 2020 when Saturn will be at home in Capricorn. Therein lies the clue in how to handle the cycle: makes friends with Saturn and build a sustainable society based upon (Libran) PEACE & LOVE.

As two planets dance around the Sun they form angles to each other, the 90 degree squares and 180 degree oppositions being notoriously the hardest, but often the most interesting to deal with. The first square these two heavy-weights made in '93 locked both planets in home signs: Saturn in Aquarius, Pluto in Scorpio. Responsible collective regeneration becoming key words, even here, at this early stage of the cycle.

The opposition was in 2001, when Saturn was in Gemini and Pluto in Sag, when we saw truth become the order of the day. Now we are at the closing square - except we are one whole Saturn cycle on. This means that (along with the rest of us and those whose charts seriously constellate with these degrees and planets) a whole bunch of 28-29-30 year olds are intensely feeling the pressure to renew resources, as they could quite easily see the writing on the wall by the time the two planets meet again to complete the cycle in boundary making Capricorn. Interesting times...

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Buddha's Descent from the 33 ~ Taurus Full Moon 09

The heart of the Sun is likened to the spiritual human heart which, when positively galvanized, has the ability to radiate cheerful enthusiasm to control and direct deeply profound emotions, such as craving or aversion. This is worth bearing in mind as the Sun now passes though compelling and magnetic Scorpio, when passion is as easily aroused, as is our ability to be resolutely concentrated (dharana) and focused (dhyana). This finely tuned and sometimes hidden ability to shine a light upon our negative state - or even a positive meditative objective – is acute as we approach the Samhain full Moon in Taurus, on November the 2nd, also known as all Soul’s Day.

While the solar Gregorian calendar dictates October 31st as Halloween, the cross-quarter point is on November 7th. During this time of year the veil between worlds, underworld and overworld, consciousness and subconscious, is thin – allowing us to delve into previously hidden parts of our psyche as well as rise to the other extreme: ecstatic peaks. At such times we also need to enhance sensitivity and take care, as desire nature can also run amok to captivate the mind and obsess about all kinds of yearnings. Any emotional attachment to our perceived requirements could render one doubly responsive at this time. Insightful Scorpio works in mysterious ways, ultimately pointing to the path of transformation and the power to alchemically change destructive emotional longing into generating an aspiration towards compassionate love, ‘bodhicitta’ in Buddhism. Doing so orientates towards the spiritual heart of every individual, our true Buddha nature.

This Full Moon on Monday (19:14 GMT 14:19 ET) commemorates Buddha’s agreement to the Deva’s request to descend from the Heavenly Realms of the 33, the Trayatrisma (where he had repaid kindness by teaching his mother), and return to Earth to continue teaching the dharma. In a week’s time, at the last quarter moon on November 9th, we celebrate the actual descent as being one of the four most important days in the Buddhist calendar. This ability to move between spheres is not currently confined to the Buddha. The Spirit of the Sun is also currently up-close and personal with communicative Mercury who, in Scorpio, acts as mediating psychopomp between the seen and unseen, urging us to be attentive to our thoughts while we shift between our levels of consciousness, so that we can recognise any gems we might discover.

The Sun and Mercury also conjunct asteroid Ceres, now enjoying elevated status since being promoted by astronomers to have a greater rank in the solar system. Symbolically, Ceres is the Great Earth Mother, a resonance of Tibetan Green Tara, caring for all as if we are her own. Ceres in Scorpio encourages us to connect to others through sharing special moments. The enchanting touch of Ceres makes everyone feel loved and nurtured. Whispering sweet nothings into loved ones ears; friendly gestures in familial or social settings, a tender caress as a story is shared over dinner; or through massage and a blissful sexual union with the one we are intimately connected is a welcome kind of therapeutic togetherness, bringing joy, camaraderie and renewed strength for Halloween ~Samhain and to rejoice Buddha’s Decent next week. At this intermediary fire festival, flames blaze along the leylines conveying the message of light, warmth and love, from heart to heart. Fire can also glow from within, as Tantric Kandal.

As autumn leaves fall, Scorpio is also a time of cutting back that which impedes renewed growth later on. So too, is it our time to let go of outworn modus operandi. If you have anything to offer to the light of love (hopes, dreams and ambition or fears, doubts and worries about relationship, money, career, the future) write it down clearly and hold your intent to transmute or let go when sacrificing it into the fire. On a more mundane note, while Mercury is with the Sun in Scorpio, we can harness the ability to focus more easily and access the penetrating qualities of the mind. Puzzles may now be solved and secrets unearthed. It is also an optimum time to assess how shared assets and potential legacies are maturing.

From an esoteric view Mercury, with the Sun in Scorpio, activates the laser-like psychic perception that zaps straight to the magical heart of any matter, including quick easy access to the Spiritual Sun. And because a fixed cross accompanies this Full Moon, (with the triple Aquarian conjunction and Mars in Leo) the potential is for heart, throat and anja centres to act as portals for Divine luminescence. Shine on, Beloved Ones, Shine on… Special thanks to Karim Rashid for visionary art

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Saturn's new ring expands our own circle of influence

In retrospect it’s been an extraordinary start to autumn. But when any planet opposes the awakener, Uranus, we should always expect the unexpected! Uranus invokes an intense kind of awareness that comes from out of the blue; so it was with surprise and delight that during this current Saturn-Uranus opposition we suddenly advanced our knowledge of how the solar system works - and hence, from the astrologer’s point of view (because all of creation is interdependent) we now also have a greater understanding of what makes us tick.

Only a few days ago we discovered that Saturn, planet of responsibility and discipline, boundaries and recognition, has a previously undetected 3 million mile wide ring around it. From the metaphysical perspective this signals an extension of our own boundaries, to start being responsible, specifically for others outside our immediate circle. Astronomers needed hi-tech infrared cameras to view this absolutely massive ring. This also suggests we need new and different tools, especially for effort and work to be recognised, so that everyone can benefit from the altruistic intention. Saturn is currently in the last degrees of Virgo, symbol of body-consciousness, intelligence, and order. Tools that will work, to quote Dr Deepak Chopra, to ‘Train the Mind and Heal the Body’ are now called for; tools which are essential for personal, intellectual and spiritual expansion, such as analytical meditation or yoga, that stretch both mind and body. Virgo also governs the intestines, and is associated with our daily routine; so the importance of eating well, sleeping well, exercising well, and generally looking after oneself becomes mega significant to move into this new phase of human evolution. One of the easiest ways to maximize productivity is through time management. Time is Saturn’s speciality. Over these next few weeks it will be helpful to note which hours in the day are easier to work or play, eat or sleep - to be aware of peak performance; then aim to utilise and increase efficiency. Interestingly, in beautiful cosmic synchronicity, on the very same day of the astronomical discover another ring was announced, this time on solid Earth, at Stonehenge; Saturn, as ‘Time Lord’ rules stone and all things old and institutionalised.

Soon Saturn will change signs. On the 30th of October (just in time for Halloween!) the celestial representative of karmic consequence moves into its’ rulership, Libra, the sign of partnership, justice and fairness, beauty and the scales. This shifts the responsibility from not only being sensible about one’s own mind, body and spirit, but to being accountable for others’ well-being too. Be prepared: the next two years the emphasis will be upon creating honourable and loving associations. The message is clear: If you want to be loved, be the person you would like to love.

We’ve also seen Obama instil the concept of peace into the heart of the World. On the same day the Moon was ‘bombed’, nominally in search for water. The two events might not initially seem linked, yet the moon reveals beautiful astrological associations: the Moon rules water, the tides and our emotions, is ruled by the zodiac sign Cancer, Cancer is the sign of America, Obama’s Venus (symbol of value) is in Cancer; and on the day of his Peace Award, the transiting Moon conjunct his Venus. What goes around comes around! The bombing, for some, might also be seen as wounding of La Luna and thus the feminine. Remain resilient and calm: Untold female strength is yet to be revealed. Womanly charms are about to be given control, as influential Saturn moves into cool and charismatic Libra, precursor of peace and love.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lcross ~ Cabeus ~ Niccolo Cabeo and Mars conjunct the Moon's South Node

On the 9th October at 11:30 GMT, the NASA mission, Lcross, intends to bomb the moon in a crater named after an Italian Jesuit priest: Astroprof says “Crater Cabeus is named for Niccolo Cabeo, who was a natural philosopher who lived from 1586 to 1650, during the age of Galileo and Kepler. He taught theology and mathematics at a Jesuit college in Parma. He studied meteorology and physics, making contributions in the study of hydrology and electromagnetism…In the realm of electromagnetism, Cabeo studied the effects of static electricity. He also studied magnetism, though his explanation for magnetic phenomena turned out to be quite wrong.

The crater named for Cabeo is near the Moon’s south pole, located at 84.9° S and 35.5° W (-35.5°). The name for this crater was approved in 1935. Crater Cabeus is 98 kilometers across.” In which nasa is aiming to create another 5k crater.

This information peaked my interest, as I share the priests’ fascination for the magial properties of water as well as electro magnetism. Born February 26 1586 in Ferrara, Italy - no time given - the chart is drawn for noon. Before we look at the meaning of certain planets accenting pertinent parts of his horoscope, it is worth noting that astrologers acknowledge how a chart goes on ‘living’, even though the actual person may have passed this mortal coil and gone beyond.

Nicolo Cabeo’s birth date gives him a spiritually dedicated Pisces Sun, which suits him being a philosopher-priest. His life-giving Sun sits next to assertive Mars and Uranus, also in Pisces, making him quite the active and innovative genius. Whilst also being a cultural centre of 16th Italy, Ferrara was also famous for sword making and arms, which may have resonated with the martial qualities of Mars conjunct his Sun; though Pisces makes him more the spiritual warrior. Cabeo also possessed an investigative Gemini Moon (but may be Moon in Taurus if born earlier before 2am). Informative Mercury, planet of the mind, is found in the late degrees of electrical Aquarius - fitting for someone who discovered how similar electrical poles repel, and opposites attract. I should say here I have no idea if the astronomical body who named the Moon crater in 1935 nominated his placement at the Moon’s southern pole because of his ‘polarity’ discoveries, but the astrological and astronomical association corresponds nicely.

The shadowy alignment of the Moon's node is also brought to light at the precise moment of the bombing, when combative Mars transits together with the Moon’s current south node, Ketu, the dragon’s tail, indicating an aggressive return to revisit some kind of past karma. Cabeo’s Mercury is also currently aspected by the transit of the triple Aquarian conjunction: Three planets currently moving together through hopeful Aquarius are expansive, truth-seeking Jupiter, with healing- wounded Chiron, and the mystical and mysterious watery Neptune.

The big question about this mission is the healing, purifying, and historical knowledge that belongs to the Great Moon Mother Goddess, and her rulership of the worlds' water?

The sign of the waterbarer, Aquarius, also rules technological advancement; NASA has certainly activated the significance of Cabeo’s fact disseminating Mercury; and his explortion into the vast nature of water cycles and oceanic, samsaric sequence continues.

Cabeo’s Cancerian Neptune is in the esoteric sign of its' rulership; as well as Neptune being the modern ruler of his Sun. This can signify the search for lost water, and as previously mentioned, at the moment of impact is being whammed by martial Mars, also with the moon’s south node (as seen in many other 'terrorist' attack charts). And all this at the moon’s southern pole. As the reason NASA wants to bomb our beautiful moon is to find out the secrets of aqua vita, it seems as if Cabeo remains destined to be a part of a greater quest for understanding the cosmic cycle of water. How very cool…

Although, to be honest, I don’t quite understand why we humans have to be so violent in our endeavour to discover if there is water on the moon? I was informed by a friend, Philip Graves, that through Herve, Tin Tin went to the moon in 1955, and discovered water. Its also in the Vedas and verified by thousands of years of astrological knowledge that water and the moon as inextricably linked. I would also have thought moon rock brought back in the 60’s and 70’s might provide a wet and slippery clue, not to mention India’s Chandrayanna space mission's recent finds - the correlation of which would be a tad more economical and sensible. But maybe there is rather more risky Jupiterian exploration at stake here, one with more than meets our mystical Neptunian eyes? One that might be more fitting to the transit of Mars conjunct the South Node, conjunct Cabeu's water ruled Neptune?