Monday, 31 December 2012

2013! In with a Leo Moon & LOVE ❤

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* ░H░A░P░P░Y░ * ░N░E░W░ * ░Y░E░A░ R░ *
╚══════=════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ══════════╝

Jan 1st @00:01 ~> At the stroke of midnight, the Moon will be in party-loving, heart-centred Leo! In mundane (political) astrology, the Moon represents ‘the people’; in warm and generous Leo, the sign of leadership, creativity and LOVE, La Luna’s influence encourages us to tap into our inner spiritual strength with the trust of a child, to stay positive, and welcome 2013 with a Lionheart _/❤\_

Wishing you oodles of fun and festive frolics! While the heavens also suggest we avoid negative drama, as the Moon is also at the apex of a ‘Thor’s Hammer’ formation, with the 'handle' being an applying square between surprising Uranus and communicative Mercury: insight is clearer when our excitement and/or performance is innocent and loving!

2013 is set to be another year themed with incredible transformation (and the ongoing Uranus Pluto square (through 2015)); good times roll more quickly in the second part of the year - when munificent Jupiter rocks into his sign of exaltation: Cancer (the same sign as our immensely powerful Full Xmas Moon:)).

Happy New Year to all my dear friends of Dharma Stars! _/❤\_
Personal note: I’ll be back online and ready for Astrology Consultations in a few days, LOVE, Laura XXX

Friday, 28 December 2012

The Spirit of Forgiveness ~> Full Moon in Cancer_/♥\_ Dec 2012

_/♥\_ 2012’s last Full Moon beaming 7Cancer at 10:20gmt tomorrow morning (5:20amEST, 14:50pm Delhi). Whilst living in the NOW, there’s always an element of nostalgia with historical and memorable Cancer, the sign which rules the Moon. As we look back over this momentous 2012: the once-in-a-lifetime Venus Transit, Mayan Solstice alignment, transformational Uranus-Pluto squares, not to mention the Diamond sparkling London Olympics and a search for the God Particle, we can see how far we have come in the combined awakening of the heart-mind.

Without sounding too dramatic, the heavens now suggest we have reached the point of awareness in ‘Unity Consciousness’ when we can release ourselves from the fear of mortality, heal deeply engrained negative emotions and, if you think that’s a tough mission call, take personal responsibility to play a unique part of the collective transformation. In other words nothing is going to change, unless we change as individuals. And that means dropping self-abuse along with any violence, anger or hatred, towards others; and living a life of loving-kindness and compassion. As the Sun is conjunct Pluto, planet of endings and beginnings, now is the time to make such a transition.

In many ways this Full Moon has the power to release the past in the spirit of forgiveness. With its’ ‘Grand Water Trine’ there’s a sense of completion, watching Spirit flowing through Samsara’s countless phases of cyclic life, death and rebirth, in order to maintain a Divine natural harmony, and to emerge from the emotional depths, lighter and much refreshed

With that, I wish you all a very happy Full Cancer Moon and a wonderful New Year. May all beings be Happy & Enlightened; and may our accomplishments be the most eminent attainments on the path: renunciation, compassion, unshakable faith and realization of the correct view _/♥\_

Image 'Full Moon Tracking' by Visual Alchemy, with thx _/♥\_

Grand Water Trine ~ Goddess of Compassion _/♥\_ Dec 2012

26:12:12 ~> Not yet full Boxing Night but beaming bright, La Luna multi-tasking in Gemini, and coming on strong with Earth Mother Ceres and Sacred Vesta. The GoddesseS are now opposite loving Venus & healing Mercury in hopeful Sagittarius, thus caring for loved ones, near & far, in body, speech and mind (in every which way shape and form); and the strong & full Moon growing in light, is to be exact on Friday 28th at 7Cancer (cardinal signs to the fore) @10:20GMT.

Luna forms AMAZING aspects as she culminates in creative Cancer; forming a Yin powered 'Grand Water Trine' to enhance fluidty in dreams as well as at home, work, or in relationship. Opposite Spirit Sun with transformational Pluto, the Sun and Moon also form the axis of an unusual Kite formation, as well as a tight 'T' square to altruistic Uranus: with this configuration one must never underestimate the moral, physical and/or spiritual strength of the individual that rises to the challenge of being of spiritual service .

Image is of KwanYin, Goddess of Compassion _/♥\_

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Guru Rinpoche Day _/♥\_ Dec 22 2012

Guru Rinpoche Day ~> Solstice feasting continues today by honouring our teachers. With the Winter Solstice Sun & exalted Moon in stabilising Taurus we celebrate the preservation of the good life: food on the table, shelter over our heads, warm and loving friends, guides and teachers. Though easy to take for granted, not everyone in the world has the sustenance of such life-affirming simple pleasures. Giving thanks now, especially as the new era of ‘Unity Consciousness’ begins to form in the collective heart- mind _/♥\_

Watch the action as La Luna grows in light, heading towards the Full Christmas Moon on the 28th December at 10:21GMT, 7 degrees Cancer. Spirit Sun will be with powerful Pluto in Capricorn, signifying a renewal and TRANSFORMATION of all that no longer serves, be that emotional and/or practical: Great time to renew vows, or make early New Year’s resolutions. You may even notice a dramatic change in attitude towards traditional support systems.

Image is of Padmasambhava, the Lotus Born founder of Tibetan Buddhism, whose mantra is "Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum" _/♥\_ ૐ :)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Winter Solstice 2012 ~> ♥ _/☼\_ ♥

Medicine Buddha Moon Winter Solstice!
Let the Healing Love-Light shine ♥ _/☼\_ ♥

This extraordinary Solstice is empowered by tuning into our alignment to the cosmos, with Earth crossing the Galactic Equator; this is actually a long transit that began in the mid 80’s and completes around 2016. This is a vast time span, so we actually have a few more years of the Winter Solstice + Galactic Centre + Galactic Equator + Sun (+ Pluto) to work with, to energise and transform. What makes today’s meditation all the more special is how our intention to heal and evolve, as well as the end of an era in the Mayan Calendar, marks this poignant moment as we encourage our love-wisdom to grow, our heart-mind resonance to strengthen, and our radiant clear light within to become more brilliant.

The Solstice Sun is also in a broad square to a courageous Aries Moon, which is conjunct friendly Uranus. The will of the individual is strong and determined to make the world a better place. With focus and confidence, this S8n-Moon-Uranus combination can stimulate the third eye to become all-seeing: Now is the time to focus upon the vision of an altruistic future where all beings are happy.

There is also the Yod ‘Y’ formation in the sky, otherwise known as a ‘Finger of Fate’, which will last until the New Year, funnelling the energies of responsible, transformational love into expansive Jupiter, who is at the apex of the ‘Y’. Jupiter is the Cosmic Santa Claus, adding hope, optimism and a lot more Yo-ho-ho to the season’s festivities! Enjoy! I am tuning in from Southern France and hold you all in my heart, with LOVE ♥ _/☼\_ ♥

Meditation Capricorn Ingress 11:12 UT & 12:12 Central European Time.
Check other times here:

Of course, this wonderful meditation opening to the Solstice Spirit of renewal can be meditated upon throughout the holidays ~> and beyond! ♥

Thursday, 20 December 2012

2012 Winter Solstice Meditation

Cosmic tip for 2012 Solstice Meditation (@11:12GMT) _/☼\_

☆• During Solstice (either at Winter or Summer) our light-radiating Sun is at standstill. Sol = Sun, stice= Stitium, which comes from Latin, for stoppage. And as the Sun 'stops' it rises and sets in the same place for three days and creates a 3-day restful 'gap'. This pause is like 'the gap' in meditation which happens between the 'out' breath and the 'in' breath, and is the very pause where we rest in our true nature, clear and free, that determines meditation. Sometimes resting in this gap makes it seem like we have reached Nirvana. When mind realises it is in that meditative gap, however, it begins to conceptualise. Then, of course, we headlong straight back into the everyday world we Buddhists call 'Samsara'! Such is the nature of mind! :) •☆

So, while enLIGHTenment can seem fleeting, the most important thing we can do for ourselves, and by extention for every one else including planet Earth, is to practice mindful breathing and radiate unconditional love, warmth and compassion - Not just NOW, at this very special solstice - empowered by our intention to evolve, as well as the new era of the 6th Sun of the Mayan calendar - but every day. And remember that breath is mind's vehicle to Spirit.

After these 3 days, the New Light King is reborn for Christmas!

FYI: The words 'breath' 'inspiration' & 'Spirit' have the same etymological root: inspirare _/|\_

Shine on darling hearts! ♥ _/☼\_ ♥

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sun conjunct Galactic Centre _/☼\_ December 2012

18th December ~> Happy Saturnalia! _/☼\_ 

Approaching 21:12:2012's shortest day (in the Northern hemisphere) and that all-important Winter Solstice ;) we honour the Karmic Time Lord, SATURN ~> Cosmic Grand Master of the Solstice ceremonies! Saturn in perceptive Scorpio provides insight and strength to free psychological slavery (i.e letting go of negative mindsets and outworn habits), and become the
personal master of one's own destiny.

From the collective viewpoint, Spirit Sun is at 26 degree’s Sagittarius; this means the brilliant Sun exactly aligns with the heart of our galaxy, the Galactic Centre, today! NOW (and continuing throughout Solstice) is an optimum time to set the intention to radiate the COSMIC LIGHT OF INTELLIGENCE & come from the HEART-MIND ♥ _/|\_ ♥

Responsible and disciplined Saturn also reminds us that 'practice makes perfect'.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12:12:12 ~> Heart-Mind Love-Wisdom & Compassion

This numerically charged date is actually the darkest time of the year (in the northern hemisphere), with a visionary and truth seeking new Sagittarian moon on the 13th and Solstice on the 21st.

12 is the number of the Sun _/☼\_

12:12:12 implies a triple layered Spirit of the Sun. Like the three circles of a mandala, the outer is the Zodiacal year, the inner the Lunar month, & the Secret motivates wisdom & compassion, i.e. personality (self) in relation to environment and spirit, having the will to seed during the year’s dark moon the everyday reality of love-wisdom and compassion. _/♥\_

Appreciating this rare numerology, it’s worth considering how this date adds up to something else for less well-known or ancient calendars. We can even add the whole date, 12: 12: 2012 = 11 (!) = 2 ~> number of the Goddess.
Or 12:12:12:12:12 = 6 ~> space master creator
Or 12:12:12 = 9 ~> warm humanitarian

What makes the number and day special for us however is the powerful HEART-MIND LOVE-WISDOM consciousness that we invest into the moment; being helpful and kind in any encounter, with an open heart, empowers, shifts, and raises one’s own internal vibration, as well as having a positive effect upon the world around. The same goes for 21:12:12, which has become a phenomenon in its own right. How the Mayans might smile now as this evolutionary alignment of heart and mind reaches a maximum awareness.

So at the moment of 12.12 pm on12.12.12, wherever we are in the world, let’s all meditate together and focus upon the qualities our Spiritual Sun, heart of solar life force, and the ‘Conscious Light of Intelligence’.

Thx to Visual Alchemy for Sagittarian Purple Buddha _/☼\_

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lama Tsongkhapa & Dakini Day! Dec 2012

Light blessings _/☼\_ 8th/9th December 2012

Lama Tsongkhapa & Dakini Day ~> Tashi Delek! _/♥\_

Today in Tibetan Buddhism we feast and celebrate the life of Lama Tsongkhapa, Tibet’s great 14th century scholar and practitioner and founder the yellow hat Galug tradition.

_/♥\_ ~ ☼ ~ ♥ ~☽ ~ ☼ ~ ✯ ~ ♥ ~ ☼ ~ _/♥\_

From an astrological perspective, this weekend’s Libra Dakini Moon is feminine and cultured, inspired by beauty, peace and harmony. In good aspect to the far-reaching Sagittarian Sun, a poised Libra Moon coupled with a visionary archer leads the spirited heart-mind towards joyful balance, rendering a great weekend for social merry-making with friends and loved ones.

Coming after two change-inducing eclipses, this Dakini Moon also heralds the end of another eclipse season (until April 2013) and effectively brings the solar 2012 year to a close; for these next few days are when the luminaries, Sun and Moon, are at their least bright (in the northern hemisphere) and come to a closing cycle. Both New Moon and the north's shortest day, Winter Solstice, are still days away until Yule's turning point. Its therefore important to also rest and nourish mind and body at this time of year, keeping ones’ internal light aflame, especially before the new Sagittarian Moon on the 13th, which immediately follows the numerically charged darkest day of the year, 12:12:12 – These numbers suggest a triple layered solar logos: outer, inner & secret, i.e personality (self) in relation to environment and spirit, having the will to seed the everyday reality of love-wisdom and compassion. _/♥\_

Thangka from the collection of His Emminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche _/♥\_with thx 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Finger of g0d ~> Jupiter opposition Sun December 2012

Cosmic Guru, Jupiter, though retrograde, is at the apex for the 'finger of g0d' formation that takes us into the New Year. Truth seeking Jupiter is visionary and optimistic; now in Gemini, Jupiter highlights informed communication that broadens the heart-mind; opposite the Sagittarian Spirit Sun on Monday 3rd December, Jupiter encourages the philosophical outlook when having to adjust certain situations.

The now waning Full Moon, which conjunct the planet of expansion and Sagittarius ruler, appears to have tuned-us all into far-sighted Jupiter's magnificence as it rode the heavens with la Luna during the partial Lunar Eclipse.

Check the astronomy of this hopeful and confident Sun-Jupiter alignment here. 
For those who are cosmcially connected living on the South Coast, I am presenting a talk next week at the Brighton Astrology group on Thursday 6th December, on ASTROLOGY & YOGA.

Also good to note that
we're still under the influence of the 'Mercury Max' - until December 4th: a phase of intense research and discoveries can also be applied to close relations.