Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Solar Eclipse 9° Taurus ~> April 29th _/✿\_

KARMA MULTIPLIED day (positive or negative)
x 100,000,000 ~> _/♥\_ૐ
The cosmic ring of fire that surrounds the New Taurus Moon SOLar eclipse early Tuesday morning at 7:13am BST (2:13pmEST) is only visible in the remote regions of southern Antarctica. Though a partial eclipse will be seen in Australia, as this feminine and fecund, earthy Taurus Sun Moon Mercury & Earth align with the powerful and karmic Dragon’s tail, otherwise known as ‘Ketu’ or the ‘south node’.

Astrology associates the Dragon’s tail to past-life energy and the often difficult influences/issues/states of mind – kleshas - we bring with us from previous incarnations. Buddhism notes three main kleshas as being attachment (desire), aversion (anger), and ignorance, from whence all our problems in this life, and past and future lives emit. Thus Ketu, currently conjunct and ruled by fiery Mars, retrograde and in fall in Libra, is Karma Control: In union with the sensuous Taurus Sun and Moon, Karma Control emphasizes the need to observe the aggressive desire nature and to be mindful of impulses.

This is a solar eclipse to set a positive intention towards stabilizing the mind to rest in the inner-peace Buddha would do in Earth-Touching mudra meditation. Dynamically balancing delicate beauty within a peaceful heart-mind also takes active training and discipline. Be kind to yourself, remember the Taurean Buddha sat under a tree for years before his enlightenment. Taurus is practical and patient; and when not being indulgent or lazy is currently capable of transforming the most reticent mind into appreciating the richness of Spirit at One with nature, showing loving kindness in every thought, gesture or word - with a love that even stabilizes spiritual devotion and understanding.

Wishing you all good practice, my friends _/\_

With ℒℴѵℯ_/✿\_ & thanks for sharing and special thanks to www.himalayantraders.com for beautiful Buddha with Gold Dragon artwork _/♥\_

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dakini Day! _/♥\_ૐ April 24th ~> onwards to the Solar Eclipse!

April 24th ~> Dakini Day! _/♥\_ૐ With the Goddess always committed to spiritual care, it is during this intense time of the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun that honoring the Divine Feminine now blesses all enlightened activity.

These last few weeks in April/May have astrally marked a major shift in consciousness, albeit on a deeply subtle level for many. Now the sensitive Moon in Pisces (conjunct Neptune) makes her last strong and sacred aspect to the Taurus Sun, before joining forces with the New Taurus Moon Solar eclipse on Tuesday 29th, to create core stability that aids staying on center during the upcoming solar eclipse and Grand Cross activity. This is a profoundly feminine combination of ‘The Lights’ accenting heartfelt devotion (to helping self to help others). It is worthwhile noting that La Luna makes mainly positive aspects while she transitions through this waning Moon phase. Only on Sunday the 27th does the Dark Aries Moon activate the Grand Cardinal Cross, and the four yang planets indicating the guards of the gates of the four square mandala: Uranus in Aries (east), Jupiter in Cancer (south), Mars in Libra (west) & Pluto in Capricorn (north). The Moon in worldly astrology represents the people; and as the Moon now enters the mandala through the Eastern gate associated with the Year of the Horse, we can all sense something big is happening. And it’s true, with beneficent Jupiter, planet of freedom, truth and expansion also the natural synthesizer of this Cardinal Cross.a natural kind of magic is developing - almost out of the blue. And manifesting Divinity into matter is not just a wistful whim of the imagination, but a dramatic realization that by relaxing into the refuge of the flowering heart, we discover the blessed joy of great delight. _/♥\_ૐ

☒ Please contact me here for rates if you would like an astrological consultation during this Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun. With a big Thank YOU to travelling Alchemy for Red Metatron _/♥\_ૐ with love, Laura

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Earth Day ~ Tara Moon, Medicine Buddha & the Grand Cardinal Cross _/✿\_ April 22nd-23rd

✣ In between eclipses (Lunar was 15th April and upcoming Solar eclipse New Moon April 29th), and at a cosmically climactic time of the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun, a last quarter Aquarius Moon squares the earthy Taurus Sun (on Earth Day!), bringing the magic of the Goddess into the celestial circle, which is currently so symbolic of transformational innovation.

In order to overcome obstacles and innovate the new, it is the deeply sensitive and Divine Feminine, with compassionate and profound healing properties, that helps to keep an open mind and soothe any heart challenged by change and excitement.

Connecting with like-minded others also comforts the soul and feeds the altruistic intention. Now is the time to once again refine and release all that no longer serves to stabilize an awakened Bodhi-mind to become comfortable and conversant with self-realization, so that the Bodhisattva ideal is consistently generated.

With the 22nd April being 'Earth Day' honouring 'Green' principles of sustainable living, we invite Goddess Green Tara to assist in purifying and maintain clean energy and health within the body, within communities, and within our world.

Tara Mantra ~> "Om Tara Tutare Ture Soha" _/♥\_

Monday, 21 April 2014

Scarlet Mars opposition dynamic Aries Uranus & in the Grand Cross April 22nd-23rd-24th _/✿\_

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." - Buddha

Scarlet Mars retrograde in diplomatic Libra is coming up for the second of three oppositions to the dynamic Aries Uranus (exact Wednesday 23rd ((1stwas Xmas, 2nd now, 3rd will be 25th June; & all between 9-16 degrees Aries/Libra)). ~> Now is the time to find ways to mediate, to channel passion and pent-up aggression and anger positively, without hurting anyone including oneself. Be aware how this transit can trigger all kind of awakening. Positive passion can rise just as easily as tempers can flare. Take good care, avoid driving like a wildcat and watch out for the hot and sharp - objects as well as people. Do walking meditation or mantras at the gym and give yourself space if you feel irritable. From within that space one becomes more objective, able to reflect more wisely upon any given situation. But even if negative and destructive emotions do rise, learn to love demons with a kind and compassionate heart and even hurtful feelings will be placated and dissipate.

Thanks to Mara'sArchives for Akshobya, cool and unattached Blue Buddha of Mirror-Like wisdom. _/♥\_

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Transformational Easter Cross 2014

♥´¯`•.¸¸.•Happy Easter Everyone!•´¯`•.¸¸.

On this first Sunday after the Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, we honour the fertility of the Mother Goddess and the luminous light of the Risen Divinity _/✿\_

☼ ♉ & ☾ ♇ ~> The Sun is now in Earthy Taurus and the sensitive Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto, planet of the life, death and rebirth, which is rather fitting for a holiday that celebrates the transformation of Spirit.

✣ Such profundity is astrologically compounded as the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun perfects this this Easter SUNday, when four planets make a perfect square in the heavens (with the 3rd Jupiter square Uranus, plus the 5th Uranus-Pluto square today, & the 2ndMars opposition Uranus, Tuesday 22nd). Staying on centre is where we each find our peace, power and strength to radiate the innate glowing Divinity within every one of us, which in Buddhism we call‘Buddha nature’ our essential goodness.

✣ During this truly transformational time of the Cardinal Cross change comes from within, when ‘being the change we wish to see’ is the way to ‘resurrect’. This celestial Cross also places emphasis upon self-awareness in relation to others and the world we live in. Only when we personally alter the spacious perception of our heart-mind from within, will outworn and incompetent traditional systems also change. Bear in mind that while the synchronicity of this cross takes place over Easter – when much of the Western world celebrates Christ dying on the Cross only to rise again on Easter Sunday – this dynamic and active square continues to transition in and out of formation for another year, maintaining the process of awakening individual potential (and thereby the collective) to our inherent LoveLight by showing kindness and compassion to all beings, including one’s self.

In the words of the Buddha “You are your own Master. The Buddha only shows you the way”.

May all beings be happy and free from suffering _/\_

With ℒℴѵℯ & many thanks for sharing and esepcially to Joma Sipe for his beautiful illustration of a cross in dynamic heavenly action "The Jewel in the Lotus 7" _/✿\_

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Aries-Libra ♈ ( ( (☾ ◯☽) ) ) ♎ LUNAR ECLIPSE ☩ CARDINAL CROSS

April 14/15th ~> KARMA Multiplied x 7 million (positive or negative)
 •( ( (☾ ◯☽) ) )•
Aries-Libra LUNAR ECLIPSE awakens the CARDINAL CROSS – the cosmic mandala of the CENTRAL SPIRITUAL SUN

The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of the Self. This circular image represents the wholeness of the psychic ground or, to put it in mythic terms, the divinity incarnate in man.” Jung

Tibetans also call the mandala a ‘celestial palace’ where all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas abide to help transform the mundane psyche into sacred unity.  Having a balanced heart-mind makes for an optimum meditation to remain at the centre of holy-ness, made especially demanding during the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in harmonious Libra 14/15th  (8:40am BST) at 26 Libra/Aries, is followed in two weeks by the Taurus Solar Eclipse.

☩ Practice staying at centre (of the mandala): hydrate, eat well, sleep well, exercise enough, and set the intention to raise Bodhicitta and get ready to ride the karmic winds of Monday night/Tuesday morning's total eclipse of the Moon, which will be visible across North America. This eclipse is also accompanied by the CARDINAL Cross of The Central Spiritual Sun (and the 5th of 7 Uranus-Pluto squares, plus Jupiter squares both Uranus & Pluto on 20th/21st April), once again accenting our ability to self-motivate and radiate LoveLight from heart-mind and awaken to truth, in any given situation (when having a good intention makes life easier). 

Think back to the last set of similar Aries/Libra eclipses, in October ’13, and note changes in being able to a) more easily embrace and access the love-wisdom and b) release negative thought and behavioural patterns, which specifically affect the health and wellbeing of (a certain) relationship. Even if that relationship is only with self and environment, the chances are that you/we are all more aware of the need for heroic individual cooperation and participation when creating stability and equanimity.  

Now we are in the dynamic year of the high-minded Wood Horse, whose season is spring, there’s no time like the present to acknowledge the need to fulfil responsibilities and put all positive HorsePower into action.  Though there is galloping sense of urgency with the most virtuous actions, caution is still advised while Mars is retrograde in Libra and conjunct the eclipsed Moon.

~☩ ~ ☼ ~ ☩~
This cosmic and incredibly profound Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun has, over the past four years, come in and out of orb with varying intensity since 2010 - and will continue to do so for another year. Indeed, we've even had this vibrant Cross of action present in recent eclipses before too, specifically July 1st 2011, which represented an elevation of critical spiritual mass (in which social media surely plays a part) as well as an awareness about difficulties (and their causes).

Though much depends upon how we view and react to current challenges, this set of eclipses now fast approaching will first see the Lunar eclipse on the 14/15th (8:40am BST) where, interestingly, the Solar principle is exalted by the Sun in Aries. This is followed by a Solar eclipse in two weeks, 29th April, when the Lunar principle is exalted with the Moon in Taurus. This is an extraordinary exaltation of both ‘Lights’ within consecutive eclipses. As Sun, Moon and Earth align in such an exalted manner, it provides the perfect opportunity to balance both male & female sides of ourselves, as well as within relationship – through thought-provoking and possibly demanding situations.
The importance of this totally cosmic Cardinal Cross lies in its ability to bring divinity to life, within everyone and everything, raising consciousness so that all can be aware how we co-create with our Universe. When we see the Divine in everything, then everything becomes Divine, sacred and whole. We can call it ascension or awakening, but by the time this time of Cardinal Cross moves on, many more people will have become aware that Spirit is being initiated into a greater understanding of interconnected Oneness.  

~☩ ~ ☼ ~ ☩~
Astrological key points for this Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun reinforce innovative and exciting energies that generate movement and action.: Gathering kindred spirits together is planet Uranus as the instigating agent of change; Jupiter synthesizes with a caring and hopeful overview, and is exalted in Cancer; while communicative Mercury, in assertive Aries, is in the sign of Aries' esoteric rulership, next to Uranus, which is the hierarchical ruler of Aries, this powerful Aries energy urges the Spiritual Warrior towards an altruistic objective an to think clearly. When we add the Sun’s exaltation in Aries to the mix, energizing this Cardinal Grand Cross with the Light of Life's pure Light vibration, Aries therefore becomes the only sign stimulated and strengthened on all levels: orthodox, esoteric and hierarchical. This means active Aries is triple powered. And while the retrograde Mars rules Aries (though now in Libra (and with the Full Moon)), one gets the sense the zodiac’s defender and warrior is being roused with the motivation to be brave and do what is right and fair. This is not to say situations will run smooth, as there will be quakes and flares to heighten any intensity: it is Eclipse Season, after all. But the challenge now is to find new ways to kindle justice and peace, beauty and culture, for all beings to harmonize important relationships, be those with friends, family, authority, or even the relationship we have with ‘self’; for it is only when we embrace what is good and familiarize ourselves with virtuous action can freedom, both personal and collective, flower and bloom. 

Many thanks to unknown artist for 5Buddha Families, representing each arm of the Cardinal Cross at the time of the Full Moon Eclipse _/♥\_ & always eternally grateful to Bill Brouard for his Aries Sun Goddess awakening the third eye at the time of the Full Libra Moon Eclipse ॐ_/♥\_

If you would like to go back over the years and read and distil relevant points please come here (though be warned: there's a lot to go through – some of it also gets quite personal):

Thursday, 10 April 2014

☸ Sun in Aries trine Moon in Leo April 9/10th

Honoring the Guru on this 10th day of the second Tibetan month; when Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava, Tibets’ second Buddha, showed mastery of both sutra and mantra, and became known as, ‘Lion of the Shakyas ‘, brave and ‘Wise seeker of the Sublime’. _/♥\_

☆~☽☼☾~☆ The exalted Aries Sun now makes an extremely helpful, vitalizing aspect to the sensitive Moon in loyal and joyful, loving Leo, sign of the generous and powerful Lion, which is also ruled by our golden Sun. This is a very fiery combination of ‘the lights’, radiating optimum dynamic ‘yang’ energy. The vibrant celestial duo, Sun and Moon, energize, accenting a vibrant heart connection a Spiritual Warrior has to (the Guru’s) inner wisdom, the source of endless illumination. Both Lights now urge us to discover our true self, in Oneness with others, an ego-less self-love; recognizing talents and gifts that muster courage and conquer self-delusion with positive antidotes, as the desire to accomplish great Spiritual deeds is heightened, strengthening heart-mind and soul for the oncoming Luna eclipse in 5 days.

In the words of Dr Christopher Hill “Eternal Joy is the appreciation of self… as self contains all the stars”.

Celebrate and enjoy the gift of life ~> ☼ ☽ ¸¸.•*¨*•☆

With thanks to unknown photographer for 'Light Guru' _/♥\_

Monday, 7 April 2014

Sun in Aries opposite Mars in Libra _/♥\_ April 7~8th~9th

Involving Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the complex Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun continues to come to perfection (April 20th) to raise individual and collective consciousness. And only a week away (15th) is a lunar eclipse that heightens the intensity of current celestial dynamism.

The illuminating Sun conjunct radical Uranus in Aries still encourages a sudden awakening to our true Buddha nature: that all is beauty, goodness and love. Even so this combination of planets can also mirror dramatic shifts and change and a disruption of regular flow, in whichever direction. Mindfulness and meditation will soothe frayed nerves, especially while the exalted Aries Sun is being opposed by Aries ruler, dynamic Mars. Mars is retrograde during this opposition (exact April 8th 21:03gmt), raising heat and passion, and also making these optimum nights for seeing the scarlet planet high in the midnight sky.

All this is happening at the same time as the First Quarter Goddess Tara Medicine Buddha Moon in nurturing Cancer. The astral healing focus is upon feeding the soul, finding a balance and actively stabilising energy levels - physical, mental and emotional, as key to pacifying the heart-mind and body during profound moments (of awareness of self in relation to others). Though Mars is in fall in Libra; the Peace Warrior suggests we also raise the all-important cosmic love vibration, which revitalises relationships. Check Mars and the Sun (and other Cardinal signs) in your charts at 18/19 degrees Aries, see if too much stimulation makes it difficult to relax (in partnership), or maybe there’s not enough activity to get agreements/projects off the starting block, with obscuration in various energy fields. In which case patience is duly required, until at least the time of the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun, or when Mars begins to go forward May 20th and knowing what LOVE means makes the heart glow _/♥\_ ☼✶•*♥*•.¸¸✶

With love & thanks to http://dakiniunlimited.com/ for beautiful Green Tara _/♥\_ "Om Tara Tutara Ture Soha" x108

Sunday, 6 April 2014

‘Right View’ ~> April 6-7-8th ☼/♅ ♈ ☆ ☾/♃ ♋

Mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked, especially when it comes to healing. Yet we can so easily be thrown off centre by difficult events and situations; even a random thought or memory, or unkind word can disrupt our equilibrium and entrap negative emotions that can tap into past karma and enforce our delusions. So that we don’t fall into an abyss of pain and suffering (even if unwell), having what Buddhist’s call the ‘Right View’ puts whatever we are going through into perspective. The ‘Right View’ involves seeing all things as a) impermanent b) exploring that the ultimate ‘real’ you is egoless (i.e. there is no independent, self-existing ‘I’) and c) it’s the very misconception of self that needs to release attachment or aversion to suffering as well as perceived success in order for our intentions – and outcomes, to remain wholesome.

This is not to say that one must reject our pain or anger, boredom, depression, disappointment as insignificant or indeed high points in our lives, because on a relative level they do exist and are extremely relevant to our spiritual journey. But when one ‘observes’ such emotions (through meditation) it becomes easier to identify how certain feelings play out in the mind and body, and affect our overall wellbeing _/♥\_

☆ From the astrological view, this month’s Medicine Buddha Moon in sensitive, caring Cancer conjuncts the Sacred Guru, Jupiter - the planet that affords perspective. We can therefore use these next few days to look after ourselves – and others – and see and recognise the negative thought patterns or wrong actions we cling to. And because the sensitive Moon highlights a powerful opposition between Jupiter and transformational Pluto (exact 20th April), we can even release destructive emotions and thoughts and let go of these repetitive loops from being carried forward as part of our karmic pattern _/♥\_