Tuesday, 19 July 2016

‘Guru Purnima’, a.k.a. the 'Teacher’s Moon’ ~ Full Capricorn Moon 2016

Tonight's Full Capricorn Moon (@23:57bst) is ‘Guru Purnima’, a.k.a. the 'Teacher’s Moon’, to honour the illuminating insight of the spiritual instructor (which the aspirant carries within the heart (of his or her own Sun)). Devotion to a teacher is often misunderstood (in western society), as we so often think we will achieve enlightenment on our own, without being shown or taught how to. And while its true that a few bright spirits do have the karma to be self-illuminating, for the most part our inherent potential for enlightment needs a guiding hand to steer our thoughts and actions towards the light - which is where the compassionate and wise spiritual teacher steps in to help us become wiser, kinder, and more loving. That said, even Shakyamuni Buddha advised everyone to test his teachings as if they were nuggets of gold, and not just accept out of reverence. So in the words of our most precious guiding light, H.H.14th Dalai Lama, “The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual's own reason and critical analysis.” i.e. 'the teacher within'. As such, this is the Moon to give thanks for the wisdom of the sages. __/\__

Beautiful art from Karma Phuntsok, with love & thanks for sharing

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Full Moon in Capricorn ~ July 16 ~> Shadow & Light

The lunation now culminating in a midnight Full Capricorn Moon on the 19th/20th July (22:57 19th UT) began earlier this July, with the still cardinal Cancer Sun and its’ ruler, the Moon, opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the tiny outer-planet that packs powerful impact. As a ‘generational’ planet, Pluto’s influence can be extremely far-reaching, working on subtle and atomic, psychic levels; weighing the soul evolution of the masses, especially notable when accented by the waxing Full Moon, as it is this July 2016.

At the further-reaches of our solar system, Pluto is ‘Lord of the Underworld’. As such, any heavenly body that comes into contact with Pluto is familiarized with the shadowy world of the hidden and a depth of psychology in which one faces existential fears and phobias and unspoken taboos such as sexual relations, death, and taxes. Pluto currently holds sway over the determined and practical Sea-Goat, Capricorn – an ambitious sign that requires (spiritual) initiation when crossing into its threshold, which Pluto entered 2008 and finally leaves on November 2024. During this 16-year period, Pluto’s journey from dark to light (and back again for some), signifies testing times, discipline, and intense rites-of-passage in personal and collective transformation through the dissolution of traditional power structures and old crystallised thoughts or worn-out ideals that no longer support or prevent the revelation of truth. Be aware: whatever is no longer necessary, or that has been secretly pushed under-the-carpet and out-of-sight, can suddenly find itself in plain view at any point throughout these years especially when Pluto is aspecting ‘The Lights’ (Sun & Moon) (bringing the recent 7xUR-PLSQ to life again), to be given a closer inspection and judgement in relevance. Now in aspect to the Moon, emotions run deep.

My own astrology teacher, the late, great Howard Sasportas taught in reference to Pluto transits (which can be passionately emotional/relationship, psychological, sexual, or financial depending upon where Pluto lies in birth chart), that one needs to ‘go down’ and descend into the depths before ‘rising up’, stronger and more determined. Pluto’s lessons can be hard (even with good aspects), sometimes harder than Saturn’s, as they involve a total eradication of destructive emotions; particularly ignorance, jealousy and obsession. As the Lamas tell us: it is only when one is free of such attachments, one's mind is able to ascend towards the light like the lotus through muddied waters, reaching out of the dark towards the Sun and the full Light of consciousness.

“Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark.” ~Zen Proverb

From an individual’s point of view, though possibly on the edge of crisis (emotional or spiritual, financial or practical), this Full Capricorn Moon spotlights the unconscious and squares up to the agent of change, Uranus: transformation can come about through surprising new means. By letting go of the obsessive need to control (others, or even one’s self, and noting that discipline is not the same as control), developing trust in those tell-tale gut-instincts can now help get closer to one’s essential essence and stay on centre.

Acknowledging past results affect future developments (a.k.a. karma) also enables us to pave the way to affect a positive outcome: events surrounding this Full Moon can actually help us to begin the process of building trust by dismantling walls – emotional, real and perceived – that prevent access to feeling wholly connected to our personal spirit of consciousness. Let go of unhelpful energy patterns, and remain mindful in the present moment to dissolve ego desire or fear, and be at one with time and space – all of which can be wonderfully liberating. 

Also, it’s good to be aware how there are always techniques that can be employed to help overcome certain negative emotions that could emerge during this Lunar culmination: we just need to practice and become familiar with methods that work. With jealousy, for instance, we need to learn how to go beyond ourselves and our own wants and worries, and truly rejoice about other people’s successes; whether in relationship, job, intelligence, strength, beauty, money, house, be happy for them – even if it means you’re are not in a situation which you had imagined.  Granted, counting other people’s blessings may be a challenging exercise for some, but it’s not impossible.  It is, however, a sure-fire way to access the inner you, the deepest part of you, from where a powerful ego transformation begins. And this alchemical treasure trove is found purely by celebrating others’ good fortune when feelings of jealousy arise.  It’s also the sacred part of the emotional body from where strength, love, and resilience can be tapped into and stored – a love that can be showered upon self, as well as others.  

To rise-up,  phoenix-like,  from the ashes of difficult situations, be they personal or collective, could now be made easier during this Capricorn Full Moon, which is, in point of astrological fact, the high-flying tail of a very helpful, rare ‘Kite Formation’. In effect throughout the Full Moon and headed by the caring Cancer Sun in the marvellous ‘Grand Water Trine’, and with active Mars and shamanic Chiron, this ‘feminine’ and rare Full Moon Kite also features a mini-triangle, with the sensitive Moon in harmonious sextile to both, the dynamic and now-direct Mars, at home in formidable Scorpio, and the Piscean ‘wounded-healer’, Chiron; this earth-water elemental combination (Capricorn Moon is ‘earthy’) suggests psychic as well as real boundaries are essential for any seed of creation to find form; bear in mind that even flying a kite in high wind needs a practiced hand with string to hold and steer the kite to apparently dance freely in flight. 

In short: this moon is for surveying old walls as well as creating careful new markers for future reference – all of which is subject to change.  Before the end of the calendar month, Uranus, the planet seeding change, will begin a lengthy retrograde. Those born between the 7 and 14th April could feel the winds of change more than most; though many will need until the end of November to understand the importance of powerful jolts of awareness. 

By the time the New Leo Moon rolls around August 2nd, the planetary energies will have shifted emphasis, towards overcoming the fear of taking personal responsibility for freedom.  When the question will be: how dependable are you? Clue: VERY!