Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Virgoan heart of Perfected Wisdom ♥ ☼ ♥ New Virgo Moon

According to Buddhist philosophy, we are born with an innate goodness called ‘Buddha Nature’. This inherent purity can become corrupt through circumstance, causes and conditions - karma, choices and influences. Yet if we look beyond the innumerable layers of dense conditioning there is, in everyone, a pristine consciousness which can be reawakened with awareness and effort. And although many hard core spiritual practitioners might balk at the idea of aligning the zodiac to this stainless kind of consciousness, to my mind the perfection we often strive to attain is already within, as represented by the constellation Virgo, the flawlessly accomplished Goddess.

I mention this now as Wednesday’s new Moon @15Virgo joins together the practical Virgo Sun and Moon at a midway point, potentially stimulating that indwelling illumination into a spiritual reality. With Mercury, as celestial messenger, now at home in healing Virgo, the meditation is upon connecting our ordinary world of personality and everyday events to the soul’s lucid clarity.  Many of you might now ask: How do we bridge that gap?  And although the answer could go against the competitive nature of current society, it is simple: By following a dharma path of service and helping others we naturally feel good about ourselves, and thereby our inner nature begins to shine.
So mark Wednesday in your diary as a ’Good Deed Day’; although, there’s a catch to all this saintliness, as to expect thanks or shout about how fabulous you feel helping a little old lady to cross the road only panders to ego and cancels out the positive vibration the unconditional kindness sets into motion. Instead, keep a lid on unnecessary self-congratulation, retain the poise of heartfelt goodness, and encourage the transformational power of light-filling goodness to build from within.  It’s also worth noting that trickster Mercury remains retrograde for another week, until the 13th, when all kinds of timekeeping and messages can still go awry: on a relative level dates can be missed, along with frustrating transport and information problems; be especially vigilant when signing documents: Double check everything. Even when helping granny to cross the road, make sure you’re taking her in the right direction!

Another positive feature to put into place while the wholesome Virgo Sun and New Moon conjoin is a healthy routine - one that takes care of all aspects of body, mind and spirit. Our body is also our own personal earthly temple, and now is an optimum time to be mindful and treat it wisely, as a sacred vessel that houses the spiritual being in a human body.  A yoga and meditation practice coupled with regular nutritious meals in a clean and organised space allows one to focus with clearer intent, and possibly even gain some kind of clairvoyance to see how to be of further benefit towards others.

To generate the Virgoan heart of perfected wisdom and finish the new Virgo moon report, here’s a quote from dear Tsem Tulku Rinpoche: “Holiness is not a state of you having a halo. Holiness is you having to try harder” – Sayonara to Depression ♥ ~ ☼ ~ ♥

This is good to aim for as the lunation culimates at 0 degrees Aries, with a rare full moon at the Autumn Equinox, sparking off our issues surrounding the cardinal cross.

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