Sunday, 22 January 2012

Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon 2012

Aquarius is an intellectual air sign, accenting the power of the mind; it also signifies hopes & wishes. So while the New Aquarius Moon at 7:39amGMT on January 23rd, heralds the Chinese New Year of the Yang ‘Water Dragon’, now is the time to set the intention – the inscrutable Dragon can bestow wealth and fertility ~> best be mindful of what we wish for (& note how the Dragon holds the wish-fuliflling gem)!

As both Spirit Sun & sensitive Moon make a challenging aspect to Jupiter, planet of expansion, but a helpful one to innovative Uranus, such symbolism reminds us to watch expectations whilst in the midst of dramatic change.

Calling in (Dharmapalas) protectors now ~> _(♥)_ 


Wishing you all a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR of the WATER DRAGON!

PS: Chinese New Year is not the same at Losar, Tibetan New Year, which is one month later in February :) _(♥)_
From Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche's, "Ruling Your World" :
 The dragon is sometimes shown holding the jewel of auspiciousness. This is the enlightened heart and mind of the king and queen. With the wisdom of the dragon, we discover that the *Rigden and ourselves are the same. Our wisdom, compassion, and courage are no longer a myth. Once we possess this jewel, our life becomes blessed. Because of our openness and precision, causes and conditions come together naturally, like the elements, to create success and accomplishment.  Rigden: “Possessor of the family.” Embodiment of basic goodness. The name given to the twenty-five enlightened rulers of the legendary kingdom of Shambhala.

Love & thanks to Lobsang Gyasto for beautifully painted dragon _(♥)_
Thanks too Awakening Mind blog for fabulous Sakyong Rinpoche quote_(♥)_

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