Saturday, 1 November 2014

Healing Halloween Medicine Buddha Moon _/ ૐ \_ Oct31st 2014

☆ •°*☾ Scorpio Sun & 1st quarter Moon Aquarius ☽ *°•.☆

Honoring ancestors, as well as the recently departed, tonight’s Halloween festival venerates the profound emotions of Scorpio, sign of death and rebirth. Over the next few days and nights, during this month of regenerative Scorpio, the veils thin between the worlds of the living, those passed and those yet to come; as the hallowed souls of those gone beyond bequeath a reminder of magic and mystery, and the connections to kindred spirits enhance psychic abilities, intuitive insight and prophetic dreams.

So when looking up and around to see if any witches are flying on broomsticks, or Kinkara* dancing the cremation grounds, also note a beautiful First Quarter healing Medicine Moon, gliding across the starry firmament like a golden offering bowl, brimming with unconditional compassion. In Aquarius, this First Quarter Halloween Moon accents the human soul’s capacity for tremendous restoration by delving into the beauty, joy and meaning of life, in all its intensity. Reap now the blessings of the departed, knowing spirit never dies, but in the never ending cycle of life, death and rebirth, it is the essential spirit which only transforms.

May all souls, saints and spirits be happy and healed, now and always, with ℒℴѵℯLiGHt


Healing Buddha Mantra “Thayatha Om Bekanze Bekanze Mahabekanze Rasa Samut Gate Soha”

& Many thanks to unknown photographer for beautiful Tibetan mask dancers

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