Sunday, 25 July 2010

♥ ☆ ♥ Perfecting the Heart Essence on the path to Freedom ♥ ☆ ♥ Full Moon July 2010

Every Full Moon is special. As the emotional Moon reflects the light of the Sun, together they illuminate with lucid clarity. Yet each moon is different as Sun and Moon course through the zodiac, moving signs, connecting to other wandering planets to make each moment in time distinctly unique. Some Moons are more unique than others. And this one accents highly positive cosmic connections, the likes of which I never seen before, because they herald from way beyond our solar system; so while you are moon bathing under tonight’s full moon, take a moment to absorb some of this Full Moon in freedom-loving Aquarius’ more spacey qualities. 

At 2:37am BST the Moon will be at 3 degrees of friendly Aquarius, opposite the bright Leo Sun. Leo represents our generous spirit - the perfection of the heart essence, while group-orientated Aquarius signifies the altruistic mind, as well as social networking and technology. The axis where these two signs align across an individual’s horoscope indicate the ways head and heart align to bring about love and romance, networking friendships and helpful alliances.

Incredibly, the Full Moon in Aquarius (on Monday 26th @ 2:27 British summer time) is actually on the very same degree from whence in the heavens the largest ever burst of gamma rays originated, arriving on planet Earth on this Summer Solstice, even knocking out Nasa’s telescope. Could this very high frequency resonance be some kind of cosmic nuclear pulsation that helps to elevate consciousness and irradiate collective density?

♥ ☆ ♥ The story of the gamma ray is here:
Doubly amazing, this week saw another Leo Sun – Moon in space-age Aquarius synchronicity, as a massive Sun beaming 300 times more light than ours was discovered along the same marker of the ecliptic (the path of the Sun) as this Full Moon. It’s an extraordinary coincidence how these two remarkable events should share the same degrees as the Full Moon; as in mundane astrology the Moon represents the people, and in hopeful Aquarius it indicates we can now embrace the future in the selfless spirit of heart felt co-operation, to co-create our global humanity where all beings can find happiness.
♥ ☆ ♥ Watch the space voyage to another sun:

Since the advent of a massively rare configuration of planets lined up this year as the ‘Cardinal Cross of the Spiritual Sun’, we’ve had encouragement from the cosmos to confirm (and assist) our spiritual evolution;  this full moon links up rather nicely with the 'T square' made by Saturn, Uranus/Jupiter and Pluto in the Cardinal Cross, assisting in making postitive lasting changes. So the question remains: are we ready to raise our vibration and generate a magnanimous loving heart? Because the Universe seems to signal that we are.

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