Saturday, 9 August 2014

~ ☆ Freedom & Responsibility ☆ ~ Full Moon in Aquarius 10/11th August 2014

In Esoteric astrology, Aquarius is the hierarchical ruler of the Moon; this means at our ‘highest’ emotional vibration we are world servers, wanting the best for all beings, and humanely cooperating with others when bringing our unique gift to the world.  In order for such freedom to exist we need to be accountable for our actions and ideas.

“We must take direct responsibility for our own spiritual lives and rely upon nobody and nothing, for even the Buddhas of the ten directions and three times are unable to help us if we do not help ourselves. If another being were able to save us, surely he would have already done so. It is time, therefore, that we help ourselves.”
_/\_ says HH Dalai Lama, in the Buddhist Approach to Knowledge.

SUNday’s 18degrees Aquarius Supermoon at 19:09 bst (10:09PST) may well lessen the chance to see the usually dramatic Persieds meteor shower this year (though it may still be possible to witness a long sky streak). Instead, the lights, the regal Leo Sun and egalitarian Aquarius Moon, encourage the reclamation of spiritual strength and power so that we can embrace the future with a happy heart, comfortable with our own personal responsibility.

Though there may well be obstacles, which are possibly even preceded by breakthroughs; and any sense of limitation needs to be addressed from a conscientious place of personal answerability. Whilst giving ourselves space to think outside the box is important, any encounter with a power imbalance, be that in friendship, partnership, at work, in the home, wherever equality is called for, it may now mark a need to define boundaries and draw protective lines to avoid real or even psychic abuse.  

You see, this is karmically laden  Supermoon, when heavy important matters materialise, from seemingly out-of-the-blue. Emotional issues of trust, honour and loyalty need to be treated with illuminated insight. Generosity is also called for, where kindred spirits, spiritual friends and sangha provide helpful alliance. For the 21st Century Spiritual Warrior with planets at 14-20 fixed signs, it might be helpful to cast your mind back to August 1999 and see how best to be now.  As the generous Solar Light perfects the heart-essence, this Lammas fixed fire cross-quarter Full Moon accents the source of love and light that provides warmth, food and shelter, cosmically connecting and binding us all together under One Sun. To tap into this spiritual force and maintain (the quest for) self-awareness at the same time as raising altruistic intention during difficult times makes this emotionally charged, high tidal flow SuperMoon one of co-operation, hope, and concrete co-creation.
__/\__ •*¨*•.¸¸❤✶

With ℒℴѵℯ_/\_ & many thanks to Alex Groseth for ‘The_Shree_Yantra’

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