Monday, 25 May 2009

Sculpting the Mind under Gemini Skies

Yesterday’s New Moon, which is still in effect – and like all new moon’s sets the tone for the coming lunar month - is in the mutable sign of Gemini, reminding us how novelty amuses and how versatile we are. Gemini governs communication, information, and what we think about and how we transmit that data, while the nurturing Moon feeds us. Now is the time to observe what kind of thoughts consume us. Bear in mind how thoughts have wings; what runs through the corridors of our mind in one moment, can just as easily fly into the ether and become a future reality.

While negativity abounds it can stir up the mind and make it muddy, stubborn and awkward. The good news is that the mind, like Gemini, is malleable, allowing us to change the way we think and alter the way we view situations, so that we handle stress better and problem solve more easily. With the always-moving mind, the brain changes focus and shifts concentration, at the same time we process thoughts, ideas, and our impressions of people and events. One of the best ways to effect a change of mind towards stabilisation and harmony is, according to science, by meditating. Called neuroplasticity, we can generate healthy neurons by sculpting the brain with positivity. Through visualisation and/or focusing upon the breath, we flex our mental muscles to sharpen the mind, enabling one to become balanced, focused and clear.

While we are under the Gemini Sun it gives us a greater opportunity to make the most of one of two very important aspects to this year’s astrology, with a trine (by sign) to the Jupiter ~ Chiron ~ Neptune conjunction. Expansive Jupiter now conjuncts phantasmagorical Neptune, in Aquarius, the sign of collective wishes and hopes. In between them is the asteroid, Chiron, given to healing and overcoming obstacles. The cosmic message is to dream BIG, discover compassion, and restore health: Visualisations, meditation, yoga, music, dance, massage therapy are all ways that we can positively connect to this astounding healing vibration that envelopes our planet for most of this year ♥ ૐ ♥ ©

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