Saturday, 26 September 2009

Earthdance~Medicine Buddha Moon

☼ At the stroke of twelve midnight in London tonight (4pm pacific) over 300 dancefloors in 60 countries unite at the same time to generate a positive intention, while the 'Prayer for Peace' is played simultaneously. This kind of heartfelt objective is powerful. Wherever we are, even at the computer, or in our own sitting room, we can join and raise the vibration and radiate peace to the world, and harness the positive purpose of the planets:

☼ In the midst of peace, happiness and a beautiful community spirit, a solid sense of responsibility radiates from this year’s Sun in Libra Earthdance astrological chart. The triple Aquarian conjunction of beneficent Jupiter, curative Chiron, and Divine Neptune, sends a powerful celestial message: that immense transformational healing can be reached through a critical spiritual mass, by elevating group consciousness to feel the cosmic love vibration. At the moment of the ‘Prayer for Peace’, a Medicine Buddha Moon beams healing blue light, to bring in and hold positive remedial qualities: Harmonising past with future destiny enables one to embrace change with a collective understanding that combines science and magic, rational and intuitive, youth and age, to co-create a sustainable Earth.

☼ At the same time, brilliant altruistic values resonate with compelling discipline; wanting to make the world a better place is strengthened by acknowledging personal freedom and trusted, heartfelt friendships. An Elders Council, backed by the Spirit of the Sun with authoritative Saturn, as Lord of Karma, provides much-needed support detailing the importance of the task ahead – which is nothing short of healing our beleaguered planet - and acts as a gentle reminder of the need to unconditionally forgive those who have been a part of past negative policy. The power of prayer is mighty indeed, and compassion compelling. The overwhelming impression that emerges from this 13th Earthdance is how aware, pragmatic and wise we can be in order to overcome fear and empower the true nature of the creative human Spirit. Enjoy. Peace. ♥ ☼ ♥

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