Sunday, 4 October 2015

☯ Sun in Libra ~ Moon in Cancer ☯

October 4th-5th 2015
☯ During the second part of a lunation cycle, with the moon waning from full to dark, the feminine influence is strong. Thus today’s Last Quarter Moon in Cancer, where the sensitive Moon rules watery Cancer, the Great Mother Goddess wields a magnified influence, especially when creating a balance between time management, as home and within social relationships. Be those contacts in business or with loved ones, it might now be worthwhile to review the past few weeks - from the solar eclipse three weeks ago, to last week’s dramatic blood red lunar eclipse. See how much has already altered in certain important relationships just by being brave enough to let-go of outmoded ways of being (together) that no longer serve the highest good for either party.

☯ While Mercury is still retrograde, keeping lines of communication open and as clear as possible remains of paramount importance; though there is the temptation to play cards close to one's chest, a certain amount of transparency appears fortunate for everyone. Mercury goes forward on the 10th October, freeing-up space for the kind life-transforming changes that only happen once every few years. And a new Moon on the 13th marks a month of major resolutions on many levels and in many ways - as long as one is prepared to purify, serve, and grow the feminine wisdom that is currently on offer.
☯ Image is of Ganga, Goddess of the sacred Ganges river, whose name means 'Swift Goer', as she rides a crocodile (Capricorn) spreading divine potency while she flows into terrestrial realms.

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