Friday, 14 March 2014

Miracles Days 12 & 13 (13th/14th March) ☽ ♌

On the 12th day, the light radiating from Gautama Shakyamuni Buddha purified the three poisons (ignorance, aversion & attachment), developing loving kindness in all beings. On the 13th day, light beamed from Buddha’s heart-mind, within each atom the Buddha Dharma, filling the whole of space with an infinite Buddhafield. _/♥\_

☽ ♌ With only two days until the Full Miracle Moon, the Moon is still in Leo, accumulating the light that shines from within, so that each individual self-illuminates to pacify negative thoughts, traits, or actions, with the antidotes of loving kindness, forgiveness and compassion.

☆The generous and loving Leo Moon is also next to Pallas Athena, urging one to have a plan; with the Moon and Pallas now part of a fleeting but strong mystic rectangle a practical four-point plan can 1) work confidently with others in a co-operative and peaceful manner (and deal with the retrograde Mars in Libra). 2) Communicate clearly the altruistic intention, and finalise thoughts/ideas from late January and wave goodbye to that sticky Mercury Saturn square. 3) Bring about the change you want to see by being strong and determined (without being impetuous). 4) Shine gifts and talents to assure self-satisfaction (without being egotistical) and help others at the same time = win-win. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ _/\_

Blessing of love & thanks to this unknown artist whom I love - if anyone knows the name of the artists, please do let me know. _/\_


Peggy Aspinwall said...

I came across your web page this morning looking for fresh thoughts to cultivate this season of rebirth. Thank you for being here. I shared you on my facebook page Peace and Namaste Peggy

Zodiac Heaven said...

Bless you Peggy _/\_ thanks. with love Laura :)