Monday, 22 August 2011

Goddess of Perfection _(♥)_ Venus in Virgo Aug'11

Cosmic Love Goddess Venus moves into virtuous Virgo today (22nd Aug) reminding us how PRACTICE makes PERFECT :)) In love or at work, Venus in Virgo encourages us to to clean up our act and be grounded, sensible and diligent; to do and give the best we can brings joy and satsifaction to any task.

Great time to detox. Even our meditaton practice can be a place of purification, as we benefit from the earthy Venus influence now opposing watery Neptune, symbolic of spiritual and psychic connection. To my mind this combination overcomes the usual Venus is in detriment in Virgo, by default of Venus being exated in Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune - highlighting practical application with sensitivity can bring about the realisation (of emptiness & bliss).

Note: Mercury went retrograde at 1Virgo; with loving Venus now at this point, we may begin to feel 'easier' about mercurial issues which arose around the 3rd August. Mercury also goes forward this coming weekend. (Did I hear someone say hooray?)

Image is the Thai Earth Goddess, Phra Mae Thoranee, who helped Lord Buddha wash away Mara's evil poison, thereby enabling him to continue his spiritual path. _(♥)_

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