Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dakini Equinox ~> September 23rd 2011

As the world turns, our Solar year has two equinoxes, with days that are marked by equal-day and equal-night, in Spring and Autumn. Each has a distinct signature: Autumn is cool, yin and feminine, inclining towards the cocooned dark of restful night; while Spring is hot, yang and masculine with energies dynamically moving headlong towards the light. Thus Autumn Equinox, on Friday, 23d September at 10:06bst, heralds the cool and freshly feminine approach to darker days (in the northern hemisphere).

Libra - the sign we enter on Friday (Venus’s day!) is astrologically attributed to the intellectual element Air, which is yang. Yet the zodiac’s mechanical scales, upon which we assess balance and peaceful harmony in all relations, is actually ruled by the love Goddess Venus, who is receptive, inclusive, and into dialogue as a means of conflict resolution. This balance of male and female at the harvest indicates an important turning point, one where we are inherently able to nourish and synchronise male and female - within, through subtle body channels, as well as without, through a combination of rational and sensitivity, to be in oneness in thought, word and deed.

I’m told those who adhere to the Mayan calendar are calling a five day period, beginning with the Equinox, a ‘cosmic convergence’.  Though I am not an expert on the Mayan wave calculation, I can say that the planets currently accent dramatic shift and change; and the influence of the New SUPER MOON in Libra on the 27th may well bring about sudden bolts from the blue that force one to become much more aware. A new Moon around Equinox is an extremely powerful portent of transformation. The following day, the 28th is Michelmas, symbolic of truth and light.

More on the new moon in a moment; first let’s look more closely at this year’s Autumn Equinox, which falls auspiciously upon the aspect of the lunar cycle, when Tibetans honour the moon cycle’s strongest day for female energy, ‘Dakini day’.  A Dakini, in the Tibetan tradition is a wisdom protector whose name means variously ‘Sky Dancer’, ‘Space Goer’, ‘Celestial Woman’ or ‘Cloud Fairy’; The Dakini works tirelessly to help all beings, upholding her Bodhisattva vow, wishing enlightenment for all.  This Dakini Moon is also conjunct assertive Mars in regal Leo; passion rises with this combination, as does the ability to be generous and creative, as well as playful and sporty – enthusiasm should be welcomed, but anger might need to be kerbed.

And as we encounter a New Moon in Libra on Tuesday, the 27th, the planets line up in Libra: Mercury, Sun, Moon, Venus, AND Saturn are also joined by loyal feminine archetype, asteroid Juno. Such a celestial call from the wise feminine for wisdom and fairness cannot be ignored.

This is not a rally cry for revolution, though some may be inclined or manipulated to do so (astrologers and light-workers please take note) by a frenzied expression of these planets being in opposition to individualistic Uranus – as the wise feminine is above such base animal instinct. No, this is a cry from the heart for freedom, for all beings to show integrity and find peace, justice, and truth as a means of living together on a beautiful planet. This new moon is a time of raising self-awareness, of being with those we love, with whom we have a heart resonance, and with whom our own unique talent is a contribution to the whole.


Chris at Vibrant Healthc Centre said...

Hi Laura. As always truely informatative as always. Thanks.Chris

Anonymous said...

the Hindu festival of NAVARATRI begins on the 28th Sept this is the the nine day and nine nights festival of the Divine Goddess/Mother in her 3 aspects of :
1) Durga -The destroyer, of anything that stands in our way to empowerment, limitations,addictions etc ( the first 3days/nights)
2) Lakshmi - The bestower of wealth, health, prosperity, joy happiness, bliss and harmony (the second 3 days and nights)
3) Saraswati - The educator, associated with arts and science (the last 3 days and nights)
The Hindu women fast for nine days and break their fast at night time this is the most revered worship of the Goddess in India and is a very very big event.

Zodiac Heaven said...

Thank you Chris _(♥)_
& thank you Anonymous, have re-posted your lovely comment onto my facebook account. Goddess blessings to you dear heart _(♥)_