Thursday, 18 April 2013

Medicine Buddha Moon ~> Tara Puja _/✿\_ April 18th 2013

☼☾ Spring into action with this first quarter Moon in Cancer and Sun in Aries: The fiery Aries Sun evokes self-assertion and bravery, while a watery Cancerian Moon accents sensitive emotions, home and family; thus this Medicine Buddha Moon’s healing is directed towards having the courage to unconditionally take care of self, and others, as a mother would her child.

Now fire’s heat rises and water falls; Heat warms while water cools. When water and fire are in harmony, heart-mind and body are also synchronized. Making supplications to Goddess Tara and/or Medicine Buddha today provides strength and support to achieve such a balance.

Today also sees this exalted Aries Sun in conjunction with the heated and volatile, scarlet Warrior planet, Mars. This double whammy of Aries fire illuminates Cancer’s watery emotions, where the challenge is to protect, act and create. On a mundane (political) level, global events have mirrored this intense aspect with bombs, fires, and weapons being very much in the news. But while generating helpful empathy and compassion for the victims of senseless violence and doing what we can, I don't want to focus upon the external affairs that we often have little or no personal control over, as we here at Dharma Stars concentrate upon fulfilling our spiritual life. There are other ways to express this passionate combination which involves being directly engaged and getting physical in order to utilize heat and burn up toxins, release anger without harming anyone, and build up self-confidence, such as breathing in positivity, walking instead of taking the bus one stop, or going to the gym.

Note the planets are quickly shifting signs; while the slow-moving planet of change, Uranus, remains in Aries, both Sun and Mars move into Taurus, to join Venus in her home sign, on Saturday 20th, and the emphasis will be upon a slow and steady release of creativity, when it will be good to have the stamina and strength Sun and Mars are now building. Remember also that we are now in eclipse season, with a Full Moon partial Lunar eclipse in Scorpio April 25th, when feelings are strong and Spirit determined.

Thanks for unknown artist for fire-water yin-yang __/❤\__

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