Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Miracles _/♥\_ from March 2nd ~>16th

On the fifteen days from the Tibetan/Himalayan New Year, with a New Pisces Moon, leading up to Full Moon on the 16th March, we remember how the Buddha performed a miracle each day. Each miracle accumulating more and more merit, culminating on the 15th Full Moon day with the ‘Day of Miracles’, also called known as Chötrul Düchen, or The Great Prayer Festival, to awaken the Bodhi-mind, the heart-mind.

Day 2 ~> March 3rd
After receiving offerings from a devotee, Buddha created two jeweled mountains. On each mountain flowed a magical spring with water that has eight tastes. One mountain fed the animals, the other humans. Upon listening to the teachings of the Buddha, and by being nurtured in body, speech and heart-mind, all beings enhanced karmic merit. _/\_

~ ☆ ~ Astrologically, the radiant Sun today conjuncts shaman-healer Chiron, accenting our connection to the healing flow of LoveLight; & the Aries Moon separates from liberating Uranus, freeing the soul to discover its’ source of personal dynamism and activity. _/♥\_

thanks to getittravels for mountain orbs _/\_

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