Sunday, 30 March 2014

New Moon 10Aries@

☆ A wild Aries Sun & Uranus new Moon comes tomorrow, Sunday 30th, heralding winds of change on the wake of tonight’s dark moon. ☆

☆ Before then, critical mass spiritual healing is in celestial effect, with Neptune, Chiron, Mercury and Moon, all in magical, mystical Pisces, opening to the Divine cosmos – and beyond. Spiritual warriors of the Light, now is the time to call in protectors and for meditations to be insightful and intuition heightened. Offer-up, let go of attachment and aversion, and surrender to the new; be prepared for the New Moon 10Aries@19:43BST, among the most dynamic of the year taking us into eclipse season and a perfected ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’, where no doubt there will be solar lares and quakes, within and without, to practice staying on centre with – even the clocks are jumping forward this weekend in Europe too! _/♥\_

With love & thanks to brother Joma Sipes, for his brilliant artwork ‘The Hidden Riches in Ritual Mandala’ _/♥\_

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