Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Dakini Day ~> Sun in Aries ☉ ♈ ✶ ☾ ♒ Moon in Aquarius – March 26th _/♥\_

When Spirit Sun is in Aries (March 20th – April 20th) the celestial spotlight shines upon ‘self’, and the radiant nature of the Divine emanates spontaneously with innocent, child-like joy. And in a helpful last major aspect of this lunation, this confident and exalted Aries Sun makes a sextile to the sensitive waning Moon in friendly Aquarius. It’s an extremely ‘yang’ dynamic between elements fire and air today, but with an even deeper connection between Sun and Moon, insomuch that the fiery Sun is also applying a conjunction to the liberating and altruistic planet Uranus, which rules Aquarius, the sign where the Moon now creates an emotional bond between kindred spirits to become more experimental and expressive. In this aspect the feminine Dakini Moon supports the sunny, glowing self in relation to others, making it a perfect day for socialising and teaming up with fellow sky-dancers, and open-minded kindred spirits, for each to share the Divine spark of inspiration and shoot the breeze with ideas that help digest and understand past events, as well as provide motivation and alternative insights that one can utilise during the Aries New Moon March 30th - at which point we enter eclipse season under the powerful auspices of the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun and, in the words of Alan Watts, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”. _/♥\_

With thanks to unknown photographer for dancing dakinis

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