Sunday, 30 March 2014

Light of Life ~> New Moon in Aries March 30th _/♥\_

After a while of being around Tibetans, you will hear the phrase ‘being in the mandala’. What ‘being in the mandala’ means is that you are fully present in the magical centre of a cosmically infused multidimensional time tool, that is symbolic of our interconnection to body, speech and mind, in relation to Cardinal directions, six elements, planets, energies of the Sun & Moon, Buddha families, deities, and the heart-mind of the Guru (within). To be in the mandala is at once a wondrous state of awareness in an often complex process of becoming at one with the central heart-mind. I mention this now because this exciting New Aries Moon at 19:43BST, the Sun is not only exalted, but this lunation also sees important planets perfect the ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’, forming a tight Grand Cardinal Cross from the beginning April, making us all feel like we are entering the mandala. Through one gate or another (depending upon personal planets in horoscope), be it east, west, north or south, though a personal calling or family/relationship/authority issues, we are all being called into the mandala created by the Grand Cardinal Cross, becoming totally aware of our own personal part in the greater whole, in peace, and with beauty and harmony at a point of collective transformation.

☉ ♈ ☽ ♅ It’s also worth bearing in mind that because the New Moon and Sun now conjoin Uranus, the planet which Alice A.Bailey attributes as being the agent of change in the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun. There’s a palpable sense of a collective awakening to altruism in action. Uranus is also the surprise wild card, accenting uniqueness and individuality within peer-to-peer situations, as well as eureka moments that come like bolts from the blue. According to esoteric astrology, Uranus is the hierarchical ruler of Aries; meaning the Ram’s up-front bravado is best served for a cause, with a passion to help those who can’t help themselves. This is not to say that one mustn’t look after oneself, because the main focus of Aries is the Light of Life itself: the Sun, assigning personal identity and talents. Indeed, what the collective now requires are spiritual warriors who are brave, aware that each has distinct gifts, ready for transition in action.

Helping us to transform throughout this eclipse season (Full Lunar eclipse on the 15th April & Solar on the 29th) is the horse power and strength of the Green Wood Horse. Spring is the main time of the wood ‘air’ element, and a time of action, growing into new spaces and places. It’s a powerful moment in time & space ~> enjoy __/\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✶

With Love & thanks for sharing and to unknown artist for Cosmic Mandala. _/♥\_

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