Monday, 17 March 2014

_/♥\_ Happy Chötrul Düchen everyone!

Commemorating the culmination of 15 days of Buddha's Miracles ~> wishing all beings bright Buddha blessings of Love & Light!
Om Namo Buddha! _/\_
Om Namo Guru! _/\_
Om Namo Dharma! _/\_
Om Namo Sangha! _/\_
Happy Chötrul Düchen everyone!

This Full Virgo Moon radiates the perfection of clarity & wisdom ~> opposite the compassionate Pisces Sun highlighting the Bodhisattva ideal = practical and spiritual world service. _/♥\_

"The most compassionate insight of my (Tibetan) tradition and its noblest contribution to the spiritual wisdom of humanity has been its understanding and repeated enactment of the ideal of the bodhisattva, the being who takes on the suffering of all sentient beings, who undertakes the journey to liberation not for his or her own good alone but to help all others, and who eventually, after attaining liberation, does not dissolve into the absolute or flee the agony of samsara, but chooses to return again and again to devote his or her wisdom and compassion to the service of the whole world.

What the world needs more than anything is bodhisattvas, active servants of peace, “clothed,” as Longchenpa said, “in the armor of perseverance,” dedicated to their bodhisattva vision and to the spreading of wisdom into all reaches of our experience. We need bodhisattva lawyers, bodhisattva artists and politicians, bodhisattva doctors and economists, bodhisattva teachers and scientists, bodhisattva technicians and engineers, bodhisattvas everywhere, working consciously as channels of compassion and wisdom at every level and in every situation of society; working to transform their minds and actions and those of others, working tirelessly in the certain knowledge of the support of the buddhas and enlightened beings for the preservation of our world and for a more merciful future."

Sogyal Rinpoche, from Glimpse of the Day _/♥\_

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