Sunday, 9 March 2014

International Woman's Day ~> Medicine Buddha Moon _/♥\_ March 8th

The healing quality of this first Quarter Moon in Gemini in square to the Sun in empathetic Pisces centres in the compassionate working of the heart-mind. How we think and process thoughts and ideas can now bring about a certain kind of awareness (of self in relation to the whole). Contributing to the positive quality of ideals, the versatile Gemini Moon is also supported by the GRAND AIR TRINE today, formed with Mars in Libra and Mercury in Aquarius (noting that Mercury is Gemini's natural ruler; and Mars is retrograde, delving into the world of mediation and peaceful balance). This is not necessarily the most practical of moments, but one that encourages change to find a peace of mind within, perhaps even by becoming aware of the suffering of others.
According to Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche "We have to develop tolerance and patience, not for others' sake, but for our own. The main thing at risk here is our own peace. We have no greater priority than to preserve our peace of mind, our joyous, cheerful state of mind."

Air Trines are also great for socialising and being with companions who stimulate the intellect – perfect for entertaining on a Saturday night!

Thanks to NicholasRoerich for 'The Great Mother of the World' _/♥\_ Happy International Womans Day! May the Divine Mother quickly heal and soothe any problem, emotional, physical, or spiritual. _/♥\_

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