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Great Prayer Festival & DAY OF MIRACLES Full Moon Virgo March 16th '14

March 16th 2014 ~> *•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´

Full Moon 26 Virgo@17:08gmt (12:08EST)

The Great Prayer Festival & DAY OF MIRACLES

This is a karma multiplied day (positive or negative) x 10 million.

Known as ‘Chötrul Düchen’, this Sunday we make light offerings during the 1st FULL MOON of the Tibetan year of the GREEN WOOD HORSE, to commemorate the final day of the miraculous display by the Buddha, which has lasted 15 days since the Pisces new moon.

The Tibetan Horse is a magical animal who carries on his back the most precious THREE JEWELS, in which Buddhists find a spiritual sanctuary: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Interestingly, this Full Virgo Moon highlights the healing qualities of practical spiritual support, resonating with the analogy that Buddha is the doctor, Dharma teachings are the medicine, and the spiritual friend (Sangha) is the nurse. Taking refuge in these three jewels ensures that we, the patient suffering in the nature of this dualistic material world, are taking care of our future lives, as well as this one.

“The support we (the cyber sangha) give each other as practitioners is not the usual samsaric support in which we all join the same team and complain about someone else. It's more that you're on your own, completely alone, but it's helpful to know that there are forty other people who are also going through this all by themselves. That's very supportive and encouraging. Fundamentally, even though other people can give you support, you do it yourself, and that's how you grow up in this process, rather than becoming more dependent."
From the book 'Start Where You Are' by Pema Chödrön (bracket insertion my own, as I know many who read this are not Buddhist, per se, but are still very much cherished spiritual friends).

So Happy Chötrul Düchen everyone, may we support each other, always! & may miracles be filled with profound healing, with Love & Light at this special time_/♥\_ from Laura

Original Windhorse from at with thanks _/♥\_

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