Thursday, 6 March 2014

Miracles _/♥\_ Day 5 ~> March 6th 2014

☆ The King of Varanasi presented offerings to the Buddha, who radiated a Golden Light to purify the three root poisons: ignorance, desire and aversion. The assembly gathered to hear the Buddha’s teaching rejoiced. Many set the intention for a higher rebirth with virtuous activity.

From today's astrological point of view ~>
☆ The Cosmic Guru, Jupiter, is exalted in Cancer, currently stationed to go forward in the night sky after three and a half months of retrograde motion. Generous Jupiter in this position accents the altruistic intention, caring for others as a mother would her child. Look up tonight and find Jupiter to the left of the exalted Taurus Crescent Moon (Buddha was a Taurus) and imbibe the Sacred Guru's potent celestial blessings!
☆ Also today, Venus, the Goddess of beauty and love, food and flowers, moved into Aquarius (after her long Capricorn sojourn); where imo she is like White Tara, granting wishes. The Water Bearer is also the sign of kindred spirits, encouraging Lighthearted but responsible & friendly relations in all group situations.

With Love & thanks to Nalanda for artwork Golden Buddha & entourage_/♥\_

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