Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lcross ~ Cabeus ~ Niccolo Cabeo and Mars conjunct the Moon's South Node

On the 9th October at 11:30 GMT, the NASA mission, Lcross, intends to bomb the moon in a crater named after an Italian Jesuit priest: Astroprof says “Crater Cabeus is named for Niccolo Cabeo, who was a natural philosopher who lived from 1586 to 1650, during the age of Galileo and Kepler. He taught theology and mathematics at a Jesuit college in Parma. He studied meteorology and physics, making contributions in the study of hydrology and electromagnetism…In the realm of electromagnetism, Cabeo studied the effects of static electricity. He also studied magnetism, though his explanation for magnetic phenomena turned out to be quite wrong.

The crater named for Cabeo is near the Moon’s south pole, located at 84.9° S and 35.5° W (-35.5°). The name for this crater was approved in 1935. Crater Cabeus is 98 kilometers across.” In which nasa is aiming to create another 5k crater.

This information peaked my interest, as I share the priests’ fascination for the magial properties of water as well as electro magnetism. Born February 26 1586 in Ferrara, Italy - no time given - the chart is drawn for noon. Before we look at the meaning of certain planets accenting pertinent parts of his horoscope, it is worth noting that astrologers acknowledge how a chart goes on ‘living’, even though the actual person may have passed this mortal coil and gone beyond.

Nicolo Cabeo’s birth date gives him a spiritually dedicated Pisces Sun, which suits him being a philosopher-priest. His life-giving Sun sits next to assertive Mars and Uranus, also in Pisces, making him quite the active and innovative genius. Whilst also being a cultural centre of 16th Italy, Ferrara was also famous for sword making and arms, which may have resonated with the martial qualities of Mars conjunct his Sun; though Pisces makes him more the spiritual warrior. Cabeo also possessed an investigative Gemini Moon (but may be Moon in Taurus if born earlier before 2am). Informative Mercury, planet of the mind, is found in the late degrees of electrical Aquarius - fitting for someone who discovered how similar electrical poles repel, and opposites attract. I should say here I have no idea if the astronomical body who named the Moon crater in 1935 nominated his placement at the Moon’s southern pole because of his ‘polarity’ discoveries, but the astrological and astronomical association corresponds nicely.

The shadowy alignment of the Moon's node is also brought to light at the precise moment of the bombing, when combative Mars transits together with the Moon’s current south node, Ketu, the dragon’s tail, indicating an aggressive return to revisit some kind of past karma. Cabeo’s Mercury is also currently aspected by the transit of the triple Aquarian conjunction: Three planets currently moving together through hopeful Aquarius are expansive, truth-seeking Jupiter, with healing- wounded Chiron, and the mystical and mysterious watery Neptune.

The big question about this mission is the healing, purifying, and historical knowledge that belongs to the Great Moon Mother Goddess, and her rulership of the worlds' water?

The sign of the waterbarer, Aquarius, also rules technological advancement; NASA has certainly activated the significance of Cabeo’s fact disseminating Mercury; and his explortion into the vast nature of water cycles and oceanic, samsaric sequence continues.

Cabeo’s Cancerian Neptune is in the esoteric sign of its' rulership; as well as Neptune being the modern ruler of his Sun. This can signify the search for lost water, and as previously mentioned, at the moment of impact is being whammed by martial Mars, also with the moon’s south node (as seen in many other 'terrorist' attack charts). And all this at the moon’s southern pole. As the reason NASA wants to bomb our beautiful moon is to find out the secrets of aqua vita, it seems as if Cabeo remains destined to be a part of a greater quest for understanding the cosmic cycle of water. How very cool…

Although, to be honest, I don’t quite understand why we humans have to be so violent in our endeavour to discover if there is water on the moon? I was informed by a friend, Philip Graves, that through Herve, Tin Tin went to the moon in 1955, and discovered water. Its also in the Vedas and verified by thousands of years of astrological knowledge that water and the moon as inextricably linked. I would also have thought moon rock brought back in the 60’s and 70’s might provide a wet and slippery clue, not to mention India’s Chandrayanna space mission's recent finds - the correlation of which would be a tad more economical and sensible. But maybe there is rather more risky Jupiterian exploration at stake here, one with more than meets our mystical Neptunian eyes? One that might be more fitting to the transit of Mars conjunct the South Node, conjunct Cabeu's water ruled Neptune?


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