Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2010 New Year ~ Blue Moon ~ Pyramid Power

Leaving the noughties behind (*sigh of relief*) we welcome a new decade in the light of a powerful Blue Super Moon, which is not only in partial eclipse, but this triple whammy Cancerian Moon is also closest to the Earth, and our Earth is closest to the Capricorn Sun. It is a rare and tight celestial embrace between the Divine Cosmic lovers, Sun & Moon, aligning with our human Earth Spirit, inviting an intense but short-lived moment of magically merging tidal energies: Male with female, yin and yang, gold with silver, positive and negative, right brain - left brain, consciousness and the unconscious fusing together to create the potential to go beyond the normal confines of duality, into blissful Oneness. Within this sense of unity we can untie the knots in our heart mind and invoke the high vibration of pure awareness – not only to see things for what they really are, but psychically sense and feel deeply, all the while resting in objectivity, reflecting the celestial dynamic without attachement or aversion.

Karma is always magnified when the tremendous force of the dragon's head and dragon's tail are activated x 10,000; and with this lunar eclipse we have the possibility to work with incredible pyramid power (Sun-Moon-Earth; Mercury-Capricorn-Humanity; triple Aquarian Conjunction of Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter) to create strong foundations and release a potent positive intention of unconditional love into the collective atmosphere - the noosphere - a sphere of united and evolutionary human thought.

To make the most of these few hours either side of the eclipse (exact time of the Full Moon is on the evening of the 31st, at 19:13 GMT), be aware these are enchanting moonbeams, even if covered by cloud. Protection is as important as being open. Yet if there was ever a New Year to make resolutions that can work, this is it, as ‘The Lights’ illuminate any intention you make. Over the next day consider carefully this year’s goals and objectives, and then ring in the New Year by inviting Full Moon insight and mirror-like wisdom for 2010. To complete any aim or purpose, personal advantage is enhanced by working for the benefit of others. And if you’re up for seeing the bigger picture, set a positive intention for the coming decade!
Bear in mind this coming year’s stars are multifarious, challenging and complex, reflective of the many choices and changes we all encounter. We are now also in a Mercury retrograde period (until January 15th) (and Mars Rx until Spring). As usual, when Mercury is retro, we are advised to re-read legal documents and fine print at least three times before signing on anything big, like getting a loan, buying a house or setting up a business. This particular Mercury is in the same sign as the Sun, initiating and deliberate Capricorn, denoting solid framework to the formation and concretising of intuitive ideas that also combine a rational approach, a modus operando that is personally effective, as well as on a humanitarian level.
Mercury in Capricon says there may be a mountain of karma holding down or suppressing evolution and creating resistance. This could be internal, as in our own mind creates thoughts that hold us back, or external, as having to deal with a recalcitrant authority, for example. With Mercury in apparent backward motion, now is the time for quick thinking, to bring about a new vision and change in our perception that swiftly releases us from mental bondage. Taming the mind is therefore central and crucial to finding the freedom of new experiences, as well as bringing difficult and destructive experiences to a close. With planning and effort, the results of intelligent problem solving could bring movement in a positive direction at soon as the new moon on the 15th January. And by the time of the metal White Tiger Tibetan & Chinese New Year, on the 14th February, Valentine’s Day, much of what is currently being re-worked could be close to some kind a resolution.
As mentioned, the heavens are decidedly Byzantine this year, dominated by a rarely protracted phenomenon called ‘the Cardinal Grand Cross’ involving Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. If you are one of these signs, the inclination to act and create, participate and initiate is strong. This dramatic cross formation will be around for most of the year. While many astrologers are saying that these are the trickiest transits we have seen for a long time, we must make an effort to maintain the quest for liberation and generate the cosmic love vibration, not falling into the negatively controlling fear trap. The hot cosmic tip is to become mindful of one’s own place in relation to fellow beings, and to exhibit harmony and balance wherever and whenever possible, and accent the importance of peace. Influential Saturn is in peace-seeking Libra: If we are to have peace in the world, we must find peace within our selves. Admittedly this may be easier said than done, but there are breathing techniques that can quickly create this calm mind (and advance intelligence): by watching and observing the breath just for only ten minutes a day, it can be enough to generate the peace of mind one needs to effectively deal with everyday demands (of course, sit in longer meditation if so inclined!). One last astral snippet: a financial turning point towards the end of May brings slow but sure improvement all around. Good luck! May your New Year Stars twinkle with Love and Light!
Pic credit: Francine Hart