Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sowing the seeds of compassion ~ New Moon in Pisces 2010

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” Buddha

Every great spiritual teacher, from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to beloved Osho and Ram Dass, tell us “to be here now”. The past has already been, and the future is a mysterious mix of present circumstance and karma; so the most important time in our lives is NOW! True, the monkey mind can turn around and around and swing back and forth, but with practiced effort it becomes easier to train this mind of ours to focus and remain centred in a continued mindful presence.

An awakened state of awareness helps us to note how all life is inter-connected, and events, ideas, and even the other beings we encounter are a mirror of our own emotions, thoughts and actions. This almost supernatural connection to everything around us is where science and spirituality now meet, through the noosphere – a quantum field of unseen electromagnetic energy that resonates with Global consciousness, as well as (how we direct) our psycho-anatomical- spiritual subtle body. Thus, we humans are actually much more magical than we give ourselves credit for. Each instant a sacred blessing – thoughts with wings fly through the biosphere, generating a vibration that interacts with the collective consciousness and, at the same time, extend into an evolutionary sphere of resonance that can heal and elevate.

Astrologically speaking, there are times when it’s easier for individuals to consciously to tune into the wave of collective energies, and unite with the spiritual soul group to become ‘one’. The New Moon at 25 degrees Pisces, on Monday the 15th at 21:01 GMT, is one of these magical moments. This is a New Moon to activate the space-time connection between Divine cosmos and the sacred light that lies within each of us. Meditating upon the space in between the eyebrows, the wisdom eye – the Third Eye - can open the all-seeing pineal gland, a stargate already stimulated by increasing sunlight (in the northern hemisphere). Buddhists can envisage a spiritual awakening in the Dharmadhatu. In the Hindu tradition, the Third eye is associated with magical all-seeing powers; in the West we link it to clairvoyance or clairsentience. Third eye meditations are not to be taken lightly, as Kundalini can awaken; unless you know what you are doing, I advise you to practice with others who do. Having said that, through meditation and prayer, yoga and dance, poetry and music (all Piscean activities), ego can step aside for Spirit to progress and generate a higher frequency of light that can be used to initiate unconditional love and compassion.

With astrology we learn more about our relative dualist realm: As well as being symbolic of deep spirituality, Pisces is also the sign of phantasmagoria, with the accumulated energy of all previous zodiacal signs, Pisces can indicate self-undoing, where toxic negativity can fester, self-destruct, and fuel Samsara’s illusion. Hence a game of victim and martyr is often played by those with an emphasis upon end-sign influences: Pisces, Neptune, 12th House. Being seduced by glamour, with a spirit held to ransom by addiction and desire is a tough place to be (believe me, I know about these things). I don’t want to come across as holier than thou, but it is possible to confront the cycle of delusion, break nasty habits, and turn corners. (I did.) The cosmic key to release is to heed self’s plea for forgiveness and surrender to the collective’s call for universal service.

A transformation of the heart-mind can be invoked with this Pisces Sun and Moon, currently conjoined to Mercury, the celestial courier, and Uranus, planet of dramatic reform and modernisation: To send out into the world a powerful and positive altruistic intention that has greater effect. As the light of the moon increases, by the Spring Equinox, next Saturday, the 20th at 17:32 GMT, any intention we set into motion now, like a seed just sown, will begin to take root – all we then need to do then is add blessed Piscean water, and watch our seed grow. (Note World Water Day 22nd March).

This Vernal equinox sees the cardinal points are activated as 2010’s very powerful alignments begin to shape into place. It’s not an easy configuration by any means. We can take heart from esoteric astrologer, Alice A. Bailey, who says the Cardinal Cross accents the Spiritual Sun, i.e. our own light within the greater unity - with individual Uranus as the agent of awakening 'the whole' to the awareness of cosmic consciousness.

Pic credit to Tim Buckley for the beautiful third eye

Unknown seedwoman and tatoo man and grid, most appreciated, whoever you are X

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Darren Sangita said...

Thank you for this Cosmic Calling Card :))

Our Planetary Awakening and opening to the Universal Light of Love is surely Dawning. May our digital web echo the ancient future of our present presence of Unity in Harmony.

Your astrological reflections are all ways appreciated and enjoyed.

Aum Shanti