Sunday, 6 April 2014

‘Right View’ ~> April 6-7-8th ☼/♅ ♈ ☆ ☾/♃ ♋

Mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked, especially when it comes to healing. Yet we can so easily be thrown off centre by difficult events and situations; even a random thought or memory, or unkind word can disrupt our equilibrium and entrap negative emotions that can tap into past karma and enforce our delusions. So that we don’t fall into an abyss of pain and suffering (even if unwell), having what Buddhist’s call the ‘Right View’ puts whatever we are going through into perspective. The ‘Right View’ involves seeing all things as a) impermanent b) exploring that the ultimate ‘real’ you is egoless (i.e. there is no independent, self-existing ‘I’) and c) it’s the very misconception of self that needs to release attachment or aversion to suffering as well as perceived success in order for our intentions – and outcomes, to remain wholesome.

This is not to say that one must reject our pain or anger, boredom, depression, disappointment as insignificant or indeed high points in our lives, because on a relative level they do exist and are extremely relevant to our spiritual journey. But when one ‘observes’ such emotions (through meditation) it becomes easier to identify how certain feelings play out in the mind and body, and affect our overall wellbeing _/♥\_

☆ From the astrological view, this month’s Medicine Buddha Moon in sensitive, caring Cancer conjuncts the Sacred Guru, Jupiter - the planet that affords perspective. We can therefore use these next few days to look after ourselves – and others – and see and recognise the negative thought patterns or wrong actions we cling to. And because the sensitive Moon highlights a powerful opposition between Jupiter and transformational Pluto (exact 20th April), we can even release destructive emotions and thoughts and let go of these repetitive loops from being carried forward as part of our karmic pattern _/♥\_

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