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Initiating Life Divine ☾ ☼ ☽ Capricorn New Year Solar Eclipse

A Solar eclipse in Capricorn is about giving form to the spiritual objective; tomorrow morning there is a small and narrow stargate for Earth to connect to the void, when the gates of karma open; and our meditation is to invite the (internal) deity into our life Divine.

Now the moon has passed the point of lunar eclipse, already in Capricorn, we are in a dark moon phase; the responsibility of what lies ahead could seem overwhelming. Don't Worry. Formulate a plan (and allow a year or so materialise) to remain mindful in the present ♥
Karma is also multiplied 100000X

So here we go: 2011! Wow! In with an astro bang! Tuesday the 4th January, 9:03gmt (time zones), at 13Capricorn ♑ , a Solar Eclipse  stats a new moon lunation, potent with the ability to transform everything that we’d like to be praised and recognised for the work we have achieved. Planet Earth is also perihelion the Sun during this eclipse, so Spirit and Form are cosmically close. At the same time a shower of meteors, the Quadrantids, herald from just below the Big Dipper!

A year that starts with a Solar eclipse, with the North Node also called Rahu, or 'dragon's head', accompanied by strategic Pallas Athena and fiery Mars in earthy Capricorn, suggests there is no time to lose, that we initiate, take action, and make a plan to stabilise so that we have a point to move from.  Personally I would wait until the effects of the eclipse have waned a little, and wait a day before charging headlong into anything - as it might take a day or so to calm down after any potential Sun-Moon-Mars flare up. 

So it’s not just because its winter that we also need to boost the immune system, be that physically, psychologically and psychically, with a very real and practical approach. The Warrior Queen Pallas Athena is our asteroid associated with health, healing, and regeneration, alchemically being able to transform with her serpent wisdom (Kundalini). And while she is currently companion to the Sun and Mars, its time to heavy-up on the anti-oxidents and look after ourselves.

There is another astrological reason for Tuesday being important, due it marking the last and final exact conjunction of the three hits of Jupiter and Uranus. This visionary and expansive conjunction started off with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in June at 0Aries; then around Autumn Equinox last September, when retrograde, they formed another conjunction, in Pisces; this last union, also in the sign of the fish, magnifies uncontrollable flow (of highly charged emotion), change and sudden storms; this can happen individually, as well as in the collective. In Pisces, a mutable water sign, it’s a signal we are possibly feeling overwhelmed by outside forces, feeling swept along with the tide.  How one steering through this last conjunction, which has a sphere of influence all the way until the end of February, will depend of course, where this conjunction lies in the chart.  

Water, however, continues to be a major theme this year, with both Chiron and Neptune to enter in oceanic Pisces in April (which I will go in-depth at a later date.).  Suffice to say we only have to look at how the element Water is a feature of our era: We have Jupiter and Uranus, plus healing Chiron in conjunction with the sea-ruling Neptune in the late degrees of Aquarius, emphasising the entire planet’s water (especially since Uranus and Neptune have been in a sometimes mutual relationship these past 23+ years). With an area the size of Germany & France under water in Queensland, Australia, as well as recent floods in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Europe, plus the tragic Deepwater incident in the Gulf of Mexico, one quickly understands how the water element is subject to tremendous import, as indicated by these planetary configurations (compounded by the movement of both Chiron and Neptune into Pisces this year).  Water within our body is akin to our emotions; we are made up of 70% water; and our emotions ride the internal waves. When looking at the way the world’s seas, oceans and rivers are behaving, we could also say our own collective emotion is also out-of-whack.  Yet all is not lost, while water cleanses, heals, purifies, Pisces and Neptune are also signs of forgiveness and compassion. This doesn’t mean that we can carry on polluting as we have been, but it does mean we can see the ignorance of humanity’s ways, being able to forgive, then get on with the Spiritual work of World Service: healing, detoxifying, energising the light. Which may well be what this eclipse is all about: initiating a world of spiritual and emotional awareness, so we can absolve ourselves and others (past and present), and concentrate upon a healthier future.   

Having discussed the watery Jupiter-Uranus, this actual eclipse is in solid and earthy Capricorn, which is also about being practical, taking personal responsibility to stabilise emotions - and thoughts, as well as places, business and traditional government.  But because eclipses are pivotal turning points, these powerful earthy eclipses shake us up, bringing the shadow into stark focus. It’s good to remember that underneath the Capricorn Mountain Goat’s sturdiness, a sign of movement into future ventures which require self-discipline, dedication and support, Capricorn also has a scaled fish tail, indicating deep spirituality combined with an intrinsic awareness of the karmic law of cause and effect, which can be used for better or worse.

Capricorn is a no nonsense sign that, like most Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer and Libra) enjoys the spotlight, as it marks the end of darkness and the entrance of the New Light King. These next few days could thus bring about dramatic endings and new light-filled beginnings.  No matter what is happening, at work, at home, on the road, it’s good to stabilise an eclipse moment with Shamatha meditation (calm abiding and watching the breath) before entering into any Kundalini or Chakra work. Those inexperienced with chakra work please do not experiment during an eclipse. Instead rest in your breathing, and allow this time to be an initiation into Spirit.

Bare in mind that the Full Moon on the 19th Jan is 29 Cancer (the 4th Full Moon at an Anaretic degree) is the culmination of this eclipse lunation.  Earthy Capricorn and watery Cancer are form and formlessness, and THE signs linked to the Sun and the Moon channels in the body, Ida and Pingala – as well as being the signs that urge souls to incarnate or even, after many incarnations, reach the point of crystalization.  This, therefore, is a time when Spirit can pass through both doors, and is why all the great masters emphasis the need for protection.

I’ve written quite extensively about the way an eclipse functions in the psycho-anatomical-subtle body, so I’ve changed the time-scale of popular posts on the side-bar of the blog; I suggest you read any article with the word ‘eclipse’ in it to get a better handle on how to breathe and meditate through and with this powerful trinity of Sun, Moon and  Earth, spirit, soul and form – light, dark and shadow - Particularly this from our last Solar Eclipse.

The next eclipse, in six months time, will be a set of three (which happens every few years). This will be a summer solstice lunar eclipse on June 15th, related to this winter’s solstice lunar eclipse, when so many planets aligned with the Milky Way’s Galactic Centre. In summer, it will be the Moon at 24 Sagittarius which aligns our emotional centre to the heart of the Galaxy, connecting our heart to the crown chakra.

So stay blessed, dear friend. I’ll be with you in spirit, connecting to the light grid from the wilds of the countryside, before heading back to dear old hometown London, from where the next blog will be posted. ♥

Thanks as always to our beloved Bill Brouard and other unknown but much appreciated artists

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