Friday, 17 May 2013

Healing power of Nature - Sun in Taurus ✿ Moon in Leo

In many parts of the East, Buddha’s conception (or birth) is celebrated today, May 17th, at the first quarter moon, with Sun in earthy Taurus and Moon in fiery Leo. This very fixed and determined combination of ‘The Lights’ accents the value of the creative spark inherent in all beings. It’s also a medicine Buddha - Tara Moon, when the healing emphasis is upon stabilising self by connecting to the natural world.

It’s no coincidence that Buddha achieved enlightenment, taught, and died under a tree. Trees give a feeling of being rooted and supported by Mother Earth, which is helpful in Shamatha, calm abiding meditation, providing constant stability so we can rest evenly and realise the clear light of mind. Trees also purify the air, add oxygen and moisture to the atmosphere, and provide shade and shelter to animals (and meditators). So if you’re feeling slightly shattered in the middle of an eclipse season with no less than four Solar X-flares raising the vibration, as well as the 3rd (of 7) Uranus-Pluto challenge, awakening the collective transformation on May 20th, then go hug a tree and rejuvenate. Better still, meditate under one and discover the immense healing power of nature, and prepare for the illuminating Saga Dawa Full Moon lunar eclipse on the 25th. _/

Many thanksto Christopher Martin for this exquisite 'Sun Ring' in the Trees _/✿\_

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