Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Six-Pointed Sacred Star ✶ Grand Sextile ✶ Interlocking Water & Earth Triangles ~ July 2013

_(▼)_This triple-whammy moon-ruled Super-Moon Cancer lunation is bringing powerful waves of emotional intensity for everyone to ride, be they personal or mutual feelings, sensations are cosmically bound to be strong, as indicated by the Grand Water TrineS coming to perfection this week, on the 17/18/19/20th July (& the 20th is the day Mercury goes forward!).

_/✶ \_ A week later, starting 27th July, a magnificent Six-Pointed Star once again creates the summer’s Grand Sextile, with interlocking Grand Earth & Water Trines, invigorating celestial sweetness that can enhance and stabilize unseen bio-force, 'chi', through meditation, yoga, mantra, tantra, prayer, dance, music, healing, and basically serving humanity, both spiritually as well as practically. This Six-Pointed 'Star' has the potential to tap into the creative feminine life-force to generate peace and love - so much so that kind souls have created a 'harmonic convergence’ which we can all join and empower the Goddess (within); and has been twinkling in and out of focus since the extremely potent medicine Buddha Moon, June 16th.

This Sacred Star, a the double tetrahedron, a.k.a. Metatron's cube, creates symbols of both, the flower of life, and the Tree of Life, was also in celestial play at the first turning of the Dharma wheel, on the karma multiplied x10-million day, July12th. And it sharpens up the six-points again as we go into the last quarter Tara Moon when Venus is in Virgo, which is just after our third and final Super Full Moon of 2013 on July 22nd. All the while the double Water Trines undulate through the collective consciousness, with powerful and emotion coming up from often suppressed and deepest recesses, activating the Water triplicity’s qualities: Cancer’s personal and familial care and loving kindness (Metta), Scorpio’s social intensity and laser-like insight (Vipassanna) and Pisces’ compassionate ego-dissolving, embracing unconditional love into the communal heart-mind (Karuna).

These energies are powerful. And one must take care not to get swept along by collective hysteria or confusion. There is also a Black Moon Lilith, ‘Kali’ momentum to deal with, which involves cutting the root of ego and the prevention of anger and retaliation (more on that in another post); but suffice to say that the Grand Earth Triangle enables one to remain grounded whilst feelings, thoughts and ideas flow – a bit like the Temperance card in the Tarot, contained yet aware of a powerful flow and movement.

Thanks as always to the amazing Visual Alchemy for ‘Sprouting’
And to Pouyan for Pineal Visions  ~> With _(▼)_ Heavenly blessings of Love & Light & being in the flow of the Celestine Sextile _/✶ \_ 
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