Tuesday, 2 July 2013

☼ ✶☽ Goddess in residence ~> Dakini Day

Dakini Day ~> Sun in Cancer & Moon in earthy Taurus _/✿\_
Emphasising the force of nature and the need to nurture, the brilliant and radiant Sun is in sensitive Cancer, with the Moon exalted in sisterly Taurus: This is Goddess power to the max, supporting and celebrating the creative feminine Spirit. With one hand the caring Goddess today gives generously her earthly delights, but with the other she takes and destroys materialistic desire. Traditional Taurean values such as money, bricks and mortar, are shown to mean little if life’s more simple pleasures are ignored, such as being at one with self, friends and family. Today we may even be aware that life’s real treasure is the heart-mind, the essence of which is the realisation that the Goddess lies within. _/♥\_

Artwork is by Charlotte Backman of 'The Goddess Dancing' with thanks_/♥\_

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