Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mercury Direct & Full Super Moon in Aquarius ~> July '13

Planet of healing & communication, trade & transport, Mercury, now goes forward in moon-ruled Cancer.

These past few weeks have been a tricky retrograde, during an emotionally heightened Super Moon season and two Grand Water Trines willing us to ‘purify, surrender, and discover the miracle of unconditional, spiritual love'. Luckily, the Water Trines last throughout August so that we can familiarize such ideals.

Strengthened by lessons of love and forgiveness, we now go forward with greater insight into issues from the past, as well as family matters, be those sangha, cyber or global family. Even if concerned about health and happiness, it could feel like some kind of storm has passed. A little more time and patience, love and acceptance, may be needed by some to experience healing magic. This is not to say that one should stay in difficult situations, but that compassion towards self is paramount.

The third & final full Super Moon of year culminates Monday, July 22nd, at 0 Aquarius 19:14bst (14:14est), adding confidence, clarity, and seasonal passion (fire/water (excess or lack) in the summery north; water/air in the wintery south). Connecting intellect to heart, and to friendly kindred spirits, raises the cosmic love vibration and generates the altruistic intention the Aquarian brother/sisterhood of humankind symbolises.

This is also the ‘wishing’ full Moon, when its advisable to be conscious and careful of what you wish for! My wish is for all beings to realize HAPPINESS is the true nature of reality _/♥\_

And I, for one, am extremely happy Mercury is going forward! :)
(¯`♥´¯) ✰
:) ~~~> thanks to unknown artist for water-blessing Buddha _/♥\_

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