Monday, 29 July 2013

☼ ✶☽ ~> Last Quarter Tara Moon & The Grand Sextile

Anchoring the flower-of-life perfection to this summer’s ‘Grand Sextile’ is an exalted Moon, in practical and stabilizing Taurus. In her last quarter phase, this sensitive and unpretentious Moon is assigned the liberating qualities of the Great Mother Goddess, Tara. With the strength and magic of today’s six-pointed Sacred Star, the double Tetradhedron formed between Water & Earth Triangles, this transcendental stargate maintains internal balance, aligned in hexagonal harmony with heaven and Earth. Now is the time to awaken the Divine Feminine (within), and open the heart chakra to love, kindness and peace.

The ancient Sanskrit word for the heart chakra, ‘Anahata’, means ‘to come unstuck’, as the heart releases electromagnetism that flows through and around the body and aura – energy that connects internal meridians within mind-body and spirit, as well as externally, interacting with each other. An open heart-mind raises self-esteem, and supports unconditional love and compassion, promoting a powerful spiritual healing that the abundantly restorative vibration of the Green Tara now quickly invokes. Today’s sacred geometry suggests this is indeed a very special last quarter moon ~> Give Love. Receive Love. Be Love.

Hail to the Goddess “Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha” __/\__

Image of the heart chakra Merkaba by Laural Virtues Wauters, with love & thanks __/\__

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