Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Medicine Buddha ~> 16th July ~> Tara Puja _/♥\_

This first quarter Libra Moon with Spirit Sun in Cancer galvanizes caring into social action. A balanced heart-mind makes it easier to find inner-peace, and engage with others in the common ground that encourages constructive dialogue and diplomatic relations, as the usually harmonizing Libra Moon shifts from opposing radical Uranus (now at station, and about to go retrograde for the next five months) to being with a perceptive Saturn tonight. Uranus tends to stir up emotions, thoughts, groups of people. In an ideal world such shake-ups urge us towards awakening, but the untrained mind often falters in chaos. And as everything changes, in the tension and edginess we can become restless enough to seek alternatives that help ourselves to help others and generate durable healing. When the sensitive Moon joins Saturn and the Grand Water Trine this evening, then slowing down and reflecting (upon spacy insight) under the lapis lazuli blue light night sky helps to remain rooted in the flow of this tremendous opportunity to once purify and renew, and realize an ocean of wisdom. _/▼\_

Medicine Buddha Mantra "Tayatha Om Bekanze Bekanze MahaBekanze Rasa Samut Gate Soha" __/♥\__
“Hail! Appear, O Healer, O Healer, O Great Healer, O King of Healing! Let the Healing be swift And let the Healing begin!” _/♥\_

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