Friday, 26 July 2013

Grand Sextile ~> Earth & Water trine ~ July 2013

▼ Now the summer’s 'Grand Earth Trine' begins to stabilize the ‘Grand Sextile’, as the elements Earth and Water highlight the management of resources and material ambition, as well as clarifying the flow of deep and powerful emotion.

▼ At the same time a second Grand Water Trine also begins its long-lasting constellation (until mid-September), with development between the magical Piscean Shaman, Chiron, aspecting our destiny-fulfilling North Node, presently in Scorpio; together they form a powerful triangle with a brief conjunction between Mercury & Mars, in Cancer. While this 'Grand Water Trine’s' latter two planets encourage a stream of care and active communication, the basis of the Water triangle is firmly upon renewing resources that purify obscuration and generate spiritual healing. Insight into and about previously untapped realms requires constant compassion.

Warrior Mars is weak at the moment, in its position of fall, and with fleet-footed Mercury, is often depicted as rushing and careless, where speed can become a form of aggression (which we saw yesterday (July 25th) with dangerous consequences and the train crash at Saintiago de Compostelle, one of Europe's most important places of Christian pilgrimage). Best learn the lesson: proceed with caution, tread lightly and leave a small footprint; and still aim for emotional regeneration. _/▼\_ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✶

Prayers for all lost lives and their families _/♥\_

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