Sunday, 28 July 2013

Grand Sextile _/✶\_ Sacred Geometry ▼ ▲ July 29th 2013

Loaded with creative tension and opposition, the Grand Sextile - even one as blissfully mystic with a Water Trine interlocked with the stabilizing Earth Trine - can sometimes feel powerful and impenetrable, as though we are dealing with a Cosmic Sheriff, wearing an authoritative shiny star. While some ‘hold the star’s light’, others may even sense this planetary pattern patrolling or blocking the flow (of emotion, love, money, dreams) as though there is no way out, particularly when dealing with the simultaneous trickier aspects also happening (dynamic Mars opposition controlling Pluto, for instance, or Spirit Sun square karmic Saturn). Yet take heart, there is a slight gap in this weekend’s dramatic six-pointed Seal of Solomon (aka Star of David, or Metatron), where one can slip through to calmly observe what is happening (within), and without fear.

This heavenly portal to objectivity currently operates between the destiny-fulfilling North Node and Saturn, which means that by taking personal charge for one’s own action (karma), we enable access to our own inner, moral authority. Even so, that may seem like a challenge, as current forces can seem so muddy, lacking clarity or fairness – particularly with issues that relate to ‘the end of matters’, investments and shared enterprises – personal and/or professional. But the Saturn-North-Node connection (which gets stronger over the coming months) urges one to now practice discipline and mindfulness and develop intuitive insight.

While internal and external change takes place in our lives, it is how we react that makes all the difference to a situation being something which expands the spiritual heart-mind. In the words of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, “real change happens in the heart”. For when we accept the responsibility to change the way we look at things, the things we look at also change. Thus we self-empower to do what is ethically right by all beings, with a tender concern.

Thanks to unknown artist for metatron mandala _/✶\_

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