Thursday, 27 June 2013

Developing intuition ~> Jupiter in Cancer - July 2013-14

BIG year ahead from now until July 2014 for Cancerians (and, to a lesser degree all other Cardinal signs) ~> Beneficent Jupiter moves into tropical Cancer at 2:41bst tomorrow morning, the 26th, for the 1st time in 12ish years. Jupiter expands and grows whichever sign it is in. We’ve just witnessed the last throws of a capacious Jupiter in Gemini, sign of communication, with revelations of how all kinds of information are stored as digital data in excess. Now, however, Jupiter’s emphasis is upon developing intuition and expanding support systems, sangha & (global) family, as well as improving loving kindness and the right-brained fertile world of emotions and feelings. Jupiter is actually exalted in watery, reflective Cancer, sign of the sensitive homebody, which may seem rather odd for all Jupiter’s far-reaching cosmic greatness. Yet it makes perfect sense that in order to be adventurous and develop faith and ethics, hope and academia, to be wise and to grow, we need fans on the home front to lend generous support; i.e. we need to nurture our inner-stability, so that we are secure in our foundations, before fully grasping the (spiritual) world’s more abstract concepts, theories or truths, from all of which Jupiter, as sacred Guru - teaches us how to be liberated.

Also, from a worldly point of view, it’s a great year for home improvements for everyone (says she with paint pots at the ready!)

Photographic artwork is of a drop of Water encompassing Jupiter, by Markus Reugals , with thanks _/♥\_

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