Saturday, 19 January 2013

Healing Action ~> Medicine Buddha Moon Jan 2013

19th Jan 2013 ~> This 8th day of our last moon cycle in the Dragon year is a First Quarter Medicine Buddha Tara Moon, considered to have exceptional healing qualities that can quickly help one to overcome obstacles, be the problem physical, psychological or psychic.

This particular first quarter urges the Spiritual Warrior to watch the mind and remain brave and confident when dealing with the root of the three poisons: ignorance, aversion and attachment. Patience and practicality are required with each step upon the path of transformation, to keep body, mind and spirit in balance. Multi-choice developments come soon enough, as the Sun moves into Aquarius this evening, bringing with it the exciting, shiny and new _/❤\_

May all being be healthy and happy to enjoy life to the full! _/❤\_

Thanks to Wildmind for Medicine Buddha illustration

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