Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dakini Day 7th Jan 2013 _/❤\_

Tomorrow’s feasting Dakini Day, 7th Jan, is most powerful for inner-work and lasting transformation, specifically by paying back karmic debts. Though the sign Scorpio is the moon in her detriment, this is actually a most perceptive moon sign when we can hone into our deepest and darkest negativities and cut-off the ego’s bind to attachment and self-grasping. Both the sharp Scorpio Moon (currently conjunct karmic Capricorn ruler, Saturn) and the accomplished Capricorn Sun are ‘Yin’ in nature, feminine and sensitive, astute and proficient. Use this personality pruning energy wisely, honour the Goddess, and prepare for the Capricorn New Moon on the 11th January; during this darkest Dakini Moon of the year, when one can free oneself from obstacles (to practice and enlightenment) and eliminate the root of ignorance.

Inspired by the image of a Tibetan Chödma (photographer unknown) wishing you all a good practice _/❤\_

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