Thursday, 31 January 2013

Jupiter Direct ~> Jan'13

Depending upon where Gemini is in your horoscope, all kinds of projects/ideas/relationships/situations now gain greater perspective and protection. Some could even sense growth and/or liberation; as freedom-loving Jupiter begins to go forward in the sign of the twins, boosting the impetus to expand through communication and knowledge. Dualistic Gemini reveals the play of opposites: yin and yang, male and female, creative and receptive; Jupiter here quickly gets to the heart of truth, however easy or difficult that may be to digest and process.

And for the next couple of days the feminine strategist, Pallas Athena, conjuncts Uranus, planet of dramatic change and awareness @5-6-7 Aries; look to this point in your chart to see where intuitive insights now create a surprise change of ideas and/or direction.

If you would like to know how this time of truth constellates within you, I am giving a special Losar rate for the Tibetan New Year of Black Snake, please contact me for details _/♥\_

ૐ _/♥\_ thx to Visual Alchemy for 'Surprise' artwork x

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