Friday, 11 January 2013

New Moon in Capricorn _/\_11th January ‘13

Our first new moon of the year, at 19:43GMT, is also the final lunation of the remarkable Water Dragon year. As the Earthy Capricorn Sun and Moon are now in conjunction with the celestial courier, Mercury, heaven’s message is quite pragmatic and clear: stabilise to accomplish, practice to become efficient, and remain in the Dragon's 'Authentic Presence' ('wangthang' in Tibetan), your own personal 'power field', that is created by one's basic goodness.

Spirit Sun, emotive Moon, and communicative Mercury are also loosely conjoined to loving Venus, loyal Juno & transformational Pluto, all in the sign of the mountain-climbing Sea-Goat. It’s worth noting that in Esoteric astrology Venus is the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn; this means that even if involved in ambitious power play, the spiritual warrior must always come from the heart. There is, however, little time for comparison or distraction with so many planets in no-nonsense Capricorn. Focus and concentration are the order of this New Moon, which teaches us to prioritise and prepare to be mindfully aware of the nature of reality, one’s true nature, Buddha nature.

Fiery Mars in Aquarius still squares Capricorn’s traditional ruling planet, Saturn in secretive Scorpio; issues of trust, respect, and friendship could create crossed wires, which may mean actively putting boundaries into place ~> Erect the Vajra fence now to protect, keeping kindred dharma spirits close, and certain cheeky monkeys out of reach.

And seeing as this is a physical and practical moon sign, now is the time to look after the body, especially knees (in meditation), teeth (for chewing slowly), and/or skeletal structure for climbing the spiritual heights, all the while enjoying the view, especially when in mountain posture!

The next New Moon is February 10th, with Losar, Tibetan New Year of the Black Water Snake, February 11th.

Image of stupa from ‘The Treasury of Lives’ with thx _/❤\_

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