Friday, 4 January 2013

Tara Moon~> 3rd Jan 2013

Just as the beginning of this lunation’s first quarter Solstice moon was laden with change, so too is this last quarter Moon in Libra also charged with the need to make adjustments. The Moon, currently opposite Uranus, is the main indicator of a challenging kind of change, which requires diplomacy, tact and discretion, especially when striving to achieve peace within oneself, as well as in relationship.

Luna’s light also forms a ‘Grand Air Trine’ with expansive Jupiter beaming high in the night sky in communicative Gemini, and active Mars in friendly Aquarius; the ‘Grand Trine’ tends to spark the intellect and make the mind versatile, making tonight an optimum time to socialise and actively seek out common bonds between friends, neighbours and partners, and to exchange ideas and altruistic visions of the future that can establish happiness and harmony. Sounds like an ideal start to the first weekend of 2013!

Image is Green Tara, the embodiment of all the Buddha’s compassionate activities, painted by Nepali Newari artist Shankar _/❤\_ with thx

Om Tara Tutare Ture soha _/❤\_

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