Saturday, 26 January 2013

_/♥\_ ONE LOVE _/♥\_ Full Moon in Leo ~> Jan'13

26th-27th January @4:38gmt, 23:38est ~>

Our last FULL MOON of the Dragon year plays out with a heart-centred Leo Moon, positively aglow with LOVE. It’s the kind of all-encompassing love that radiates joy, compassion, kindness, and equanimity: qualities known in Buddhism as ‘The Four Immeasurables’.

This infinite and heart-liberating love can be given freely, without strings or attachment. In fact, with the 7degrees altruistic Aquarian Sun and full Leo Moon in a hard ‘T’ square aspect to disciplined Saturn, it is the Spiritual Warrior’s responsibility to transform romantic love, and the love of friends and family, into a sublime and sacred love – with an all-embracing reverence for all sentient beings. Doing so also includes loving oneself, which may now even entail clearing difficult obstacles that prevent one from fully and freely loving, such as fear, doubt, jealousy or obsession - all of which is profoundly rewarding. _/♥\_

☼ Progressive Astro-Tech: The humanitarian and future-orientated Aquarian Sun is opposite the playful and generous Leo Moon; and both are also in good aspect to broad-minded Jupiter and innovative Uranus. These are freedom loving planets that highlight individual ideas and volition. It’s worth noting that Jupiter is currently at station, about to go forward on the 30th January, after four and a half months of back-tracking in Gemini. It’s also interesting that the very point at which expansive Jupiter now stations is the same at which Venus, planet of love, retrograded back to during her momentous awakening of the Divine Feminine last June, at 6-7-8 Gemini, in the sign that informs, transmits and mentally processes. And as ‘Cosmic Guru’ Jupiter now compounds our lessons in love, it also accents our reflective mind, encouraging us to put insights into practice with tolerance, flexibility, and heart-felt optimism, so we can move forward into the year of the Black Water Snake, on February 10th, with confidence and clarity. _/♥\_ ☼:☽❤¸¸.•*¨*•☆☆

Thx to unknown artist for beautiful dragon & moon maiden _/♥\_

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