Thursday, 17 January 2013

Weighty Skies ~> 5 planets in Capricorn Jan 2013

With no less than 5 heavenly bodies now in Capricorn, a weighty stellium currently holds the heavens’ sway as Spirit Sun conjuncts messenger Mercury; and Goddesses, loving Venus and loyal Juno, unite with powerful Pluto in karmic Capricorn _(❤)_

Sun & Mercury suggests having the discipline to focus upon accomplishment. Check degrees 24-25-26-27 Capricorn in your chart to see what really requires concentration and structure, and encourage positive tangible results.

As for relationship orientated Venus, Juno & Pluto, consider how karmic Capricorn's hierarchical ruler is Venus, cosmically mirroring Saturn's exaltation in Libra: Inner peace and love are therefore Capricorn’s ‘highest’ motivation. And the hooved Capricorn mountain-climbing goat also has a fishes' tail, most necessary to flow freely through Samsara's choppy ocean in spiritual harmony.

This Capricorn Venus now conjuncts profound Pluto, planet of death and rebEARTH, dramatically reminding how endings and death (metaphoric or real) can come in an instant. Intellectually understanding that something dies in order to be reborn doesn’t always alleviate the grief of death’s finality. Yet being reminded of death can prompt us to love fully and live life in truth. Now is the time to stop playing power-games and harness the immense command of Venus with Pluto (degrees 7-8-9-10 Capricorn) to transform the heart-mind, release fears of the unknown, and embrace all-consuming, compassionate LOVE ~> to become ONE in our flow AND create karmic brownie points by COMING FROM THE HEART _/❤\_

Breathe in LOVE & kindness ~> ❤
E-x-h-a-l-e the L-O-V-E & Kind n e s s ~> ❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks to unknown artist for the enlightening figure _/❤\_

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