Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Earth Day ~ Tara Moon, Medicine Buddha & the Grand Cardinal Cross _/✿\_ April 22nd-23rd

✣ In between eclipses (Lunar was 15th April and upcoming Solar eclipse New Moon April 29th), and at a cosmically climactic time of the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun, a last quarter Aquarius Moon squares the earthy Taurus Sun (on Earth Day!), bringing the magic of the Goddess into the celestial circle, which is currently so symbolic of transformational innovation.

In order to overcome obstacles and innovate the new, it is the deeply sensitive and Divine Feminine, with compassionate and profound healing properties, that helps to keep an open mind and soothe any heart challenged by change and excitement.

Connecting with like-minded others also comforts the soul and feeds the altruistic intention. Now is the time to once again refine and release all that no longer serves to stabilize an awakened Bodhi-mind to become comfortable and conversant with self-realization, so that the Bodhisattva ideal is consistently generated.

With the 22nd April being 'Earth Day' honouring 'Green' principles of sustainable living, we invite Goddess Green Tara to assist in purifying and maintain clean energy and health within the body, within communities, and within our world.

Tara Mantra ~> "Om Tara Tutare Ture Soha" _/♥\_

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