Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dakini Day! _/♥\_ૐ April 24th ~> onwards to the Solar Eclipse!

April 24th ~> Dakini Day! _/♥\_ૐ With the Goddess always committed to spiritual care, it is during this intense time of the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun that honoring the Divine Feminine now blesses all enlightened activity.

These last few weeks in April/May have astrally marked a major shift in consciousness, albeit on a deeply subtle level for many. Now the sensitive Moon in Pisces (conjunct Neptune) makes her last strong and sacred aspect to the Taurus Sun, before joining forces with the New Taurus Moon Solar eclipse on Tuesday 29th, to create core stability that aids staying on center during the upcoming solar eclipse and Grand Cross activity. This is a profoundly feminine combination of ‘The Lights’ accenting heartfelt devotion (to helping self to help others). It is worthwhile noting that La Luna makes mainly positive aspects while she transitions through this waning Moon phase. Only on Sunday the 27th does the Dark Aries Moon activate the Grand Cardinal Cross, and the four yang planets indicating the guards of the gates of the four square mandala: Uranus in Aries (east), Jupiter in Cancer (south), Mars in Libra (west) & Pluto in Capricorn (north). The Moon in worldly astrology represents the people; and as the Moon now enters the mandala through the Eastern gate associated with the Year of the Horse, we can all sense something big is happening. And it’s true, with beneficent Jupiter, planet of freedom, truth and expansion also the natural synthesizer of this Cardinal Cross.a natural kind of magic is developing - almost out of the blue. And manifesting Divinity into matter is not just a wistful whim of the imagination, but a dramatic realization that by relaxing into the refuge of the flowering heart, we discover the blessed joy of great delight. _/♥\_ૐ

☒ Please contact me here for rates if you would like an astrological consultation during this Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun. With a big Thank YOU to travelling Alchemy for Red Metatron _/♥\_ૐ with love, Laura

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