Friday, 8 May 2009

Mercury Retrograde & Full Kalachakra Moon ~ Beltane 2009

St. Raphael

--->>>Mercury Retrograde alert! <<<---

It’s that time again (already!) when all kinds of communication cock-ups happen with alarming regularity. I, for one, have already been whammed: this retrograde strikes my descendant and I have been waiting weeks for a contract to arrive, only to be told it today it was sent out late and to another address! Who says astrology doesn’t work?

But how does it work? First a bit of background: Mercury retrograde happens for three weeks at a time, three times a year, reversing through the elements as it goes backwards, i.e. from Water to Air to Earth to Fire. Versatile Mercury rules communication, as well as healing, the mind, short journeys and our neighbourhood (and primary school too). The caduceus-carrying healer shows how we assimilate, digest and transmit all kinds of data and information; and as such it governs the media, selling and, most importantly at this time, business propositions, paperwork and proposals.

A retrograde period can and often does involve two signs and two elements, giving each retrograde its’ own flavour (of traffic jams, road blocks, misinformation, missed called and misunderstanding). Because Mercury is in apparent retrograde motion, these periods are considered to be times to revise, review, rework and redo whatever needs healing, particularly our mind, and the way we think or utilise our thoughts and ultimately, how we communicate, what we say, and how we say it.

This current retrograde from Gemini Air to Taurean Earth could start out trickier than most as Mercury rules Gemini, sign of the twins: it’s a double whammy and not just one single issue we are dealing with. These signs and elements suggest we can stabilise ideas as well as love and money, mind and heart, earth and humanity. So it was life-affirming to see ‘green shoots’ declared by the banking sector as Mercury was slowing down to go back into the zodiacal Taurean bank, also in time for the powerful Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon.

Technical info: Starting 7th May at 1 degree of Gemini, Mercury will re-enter Taurus on the 13th, taking three weeks in all to go back to 23 Taurus by June 2nd, when we enter the resolving shadow period until the 14th. We have been in the applying and usually quite problematic shadow period since the 23rd of April; so if you have experienced communication problems to do with land, business, finances, art, jewellery, items of beauty and adornment, clothing or retail, hot on the heels of transport problems then look to Mercury in your horoscope (natal and by transit) and see where, how, and when you’ll be able to resolve communication and/or healing or financial issues that come up. Be prepared to work and re-work, read and re-read (and then still don’t be surprised if you miss something).

This Mercury retro also encompasses Saturday morning’s Full Moon, accenting individual flourishing and profound relations. Finding a loving balance within shared ventures, as well as solitary activities, such as meditation, can also strengthen and imbibe the spiritual warrior with insight and stabilising wisdom to balance heart to mind, spirit with consciousness, and humantiy to Earth. This is no mean feat, but the heavens reflect only what we are capable of.

The beauty of Beltane, the solar fixed fire festival of lush fertility continues over the next few days; honouring Earth and experiencing nature in all her glory may well be the way to heal any rifts in relationship, as well as forge new alliances and, if you’re really lucky, reach new contemplative depths.

In my practice I will send out Beltane blessings, with love under full Kalachakra moonlight

p.s. I also thought you might enjoy this interesting site, which has a great graphic showing how the eight solar fire festivals align in space…

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